Kalloori (Tamil – Joshua Sridhar)

Unnarugil varugayil is instantly catchy with neat rhythms and a haunting tune, while Kalloori theme carries the trademark Joshua Sridhar theme sound – very pleasant and fantastic chorus pieces. Haricharan impresses big time in Sariya idhu thavara, another beautiful melody with marked Rahman influences in the orchestration. June july sounds straight out of Harris Jeyaraj’s repertoire and despite the predictable arrangements, is a competent and likeable track. Vandanam ayya is an annoying villuppaattu-style eulogy for college students – largely situational and fragmented. Kalloori is entirely in line with what one expects from Balaji Shaktivel’s sensibilities routed via Joshua Sridhar’s music sense.

Keywords: Shankar, Balaji Shaktivel, Joshua Sridhar, Tamanna, Akhil