Phir Bewafaai (Indipop, Agam Kumar Nigam)

Phir Bewafaai invokes painful memories of the 2005 smash hit, Bewafaai, by the same singer – and is indeed soaked in cheesy poetry about deception and betrayal, by lyricists Prashant Vasl and Praveen Bhardwaj. Nikhil stays true to the brief and dishes out templatized, dholak-based melodies that may have been very appropriate when Kishen ‘T-series’ Kumar made his debut. The senior Nigam and Tulsi Kumar add to the general state of sorrow, by sounding absolutely miserable. Auto drivers up north sure have enough reasons to get back their hankies and pour their smoked hearts (non-LPG ones only) out.

Keywords: Deceived in love, Is your girlfriend cheating on you, damn that two-timing hubby, Shilpa Shetty stole my husband, Raj Kundra, Achcha sila diya tune mere pyaar ka, yaar ne hi loot liya dil yaar ka.