Archive for July 8th, 2007

Sunday July 8, 2007 21:11

Veerappu (Tamil, Imman)

Kanakku has a distinctive Israeli/ Middle Eastern sound and Manicka Vinayagam’s voice just about saves it. Puliya kili jeyicha has a fairly competent and catchy rhythm going for it while Roundkatti adi is plain mundane. Imman finally gets his act right with Pona varuveero, a pleasant, mildly techno-coated folk number. The remix version, however, is […]

Sunday July 8, 2007 17:05

Gwoemul (Korean, Joon-ho Bong)

Gwoemul (The Host) is an incredible genre shifter. It starts as a creature-fest, gets into some amazingly goofball comedy and even attempts to make a political statement amidst all that. But the point is – which goes missing even in most mainstream Hollywood monster films – that this one doesn’t let go of its human […]

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