Shut up n kiss me (Alisha Chinai)

As if the cheesy title isn’t enough, Alisha continues to insist on singing every song like a woman in heat, for no apparent reason. To be fair, UK-based composer Ravi Bal’s orchestration is crowd-pleasing with Sohneya aaja and Tra la la making the cut as far as catchiness goes. Sachin Gupta’s repertoire is similar with 2 very neat tracks, the tranc’ish Silsila and Ghazal, where Alisha goes unplugged with nothing to distract from that velvety voice besides a guitar! Be my lady, Alisha’s duet with Apache Indian, is laughably silly. Alisha could do with less moaning, next time.

Keywords: Alisha Chinai, Ravi Bal, Apache Indian, Shut up, shut up, kiss me