Sunday June 10, 2007

Thiruththam (Tamil – Praveen Mani)

Posted by Karthik

Badava kaiya is Praveen’s continuing effort in elevating the kuthu genre, while Labam yogam sounds at best like Harris Jeyaraj aping a really bored SA Rajkumar. Paadhai therigiradhu is an ode to the 60s thathuvam genre and hams it out uninspiringly. Kaadhal kanmaniye gains from Unni Menon’s singing and the simple tune, simply works. Sidumoonji devadhaye seems like an attempt to create the female version of Karuvaa paiya, though the lilting simplicity of the former is clearly missing here. Praveen Mani, apart from some perceived association with a few musical stalwarts, seems at home being relegated to such B-grade ventures!

Keywords: Hari Kumar, Priyanka



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