Mohit Suri’s gyan on the need for inspiration – credited or otherwise!

Mohit Suri, director of Awarapan, when asked about the film’s plot, says, “Its storyline is derived from a Korean film. I am not hiding it. There is a Korean film that I have seen…there’s something in the film that made me feel that I should make this film. I believe that every director needs some source of inspiration from DVD’s or the books.” Very interesting gyan there, Mr Suri! Lets see if he credits South Korean writer/ director Ji-woon Kim and his 2005 film, Dalkomhan insaeng (A bittersweet life) for Awarapan, at least in some vague portion of the screen!

PS: Check out the story behind the song blaring out of Awarapan’s promos, ‘To phir aao’ at ItwoFS!

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