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Tuesday April 3, 2007 18:42

Ta Ra Rum Pum (Hindi – Vishal Shekhar)

The title song and Nachle ve are as banal as they come, with terribly drab rhythms that seem to have been imposed by the Yash Raj machinery. Ab to forever carries the stale pattern forward and is equally annoying. Thankfully, the composers turn things around to give us the pleasingly sweet Hey shona, with Shaan’s […]

Monday April 2, 2007 14:31

Go Mithoon go!

If I were to name the most impressive recent Hindi film composer, it has to be Mithoon. Son of the perennially-sidelined veteran composer Naresh Sharma, Mithoon’s (limited) compositions in Bas Ek Pal, Anwar & Atif’s Kuch is tarah seem out of place in the very commercial and item’ised Bollywood. His limited (original*) repertoire is largely […]

Sunday April 1, 2007 08:04

The Sivaji audio leak scam saga!

Sivaji’s audio is officially out. Pre-release scamsters include Shafeeq (Media Studios), IndiaGlitz and Behindwoods! Shafeeq was just having fun in this blog, and the world bought it. IndiaGlitz reported it without sense and said on March 23rd, “…Media Studios are quick to clarify on the [leak]…A hand-out (sic) issued by them…”. Did they even bother […]

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