Maayakkannaadi (Tamil – Ilayaraja)

Kaadhal indru & Kaasu kaiyil’s lively, but slightly outdated orchestration camouflages the complete disillusionment for love and money quite effectively thanks to Raja’s tried and tested vocals for such pop-philosophical verses! Konjam konjam is a perfectly capable melody but those extra bells ‘n whistles in the orchestration (Karthikraja?) is jarring! Yeale enga is a time warp nightmare complete with an 80s style chikkujaan prelude. Oru maayalogam & Ulagilae azhagi showcase the Raja we love through his recent Telugu soundtracks – vintage orchestration with simple, melodic refrains! One more enjoyable soundtrack from Raja for his fans in the 30+ age category!

Keywords: Cheran, Navya Nair, Maayakkannadi, Mayakkannadi