Anumaanaspadam (Telugu – Ilayaraja)

Mayanginen’s 2007 version, Pratidinam, Kajuraho kanavilor redux Kuyilalo and that impeccable Hamsanandhi (raagam) in Mallelo (smacks of Raathiriyil Poothirukkum) are what a jaded Raja fan longs for. Ninnu vethiki and Rela rela have everything one expects from Raja – vintage interludes and the bridges before the interlude begins! Sonu Nigam’s husky intones light up Raa gumma raa, who’s pallavi and anupallavi/ interludes and the twists going further are truly innovative! Any other composer would have incurred the collective wrath of many fans, but when Ilayaraja chooses to re-raga some of his tunes, we lap it up! Rightly and deservedly so!

Keywords: Aryan Rajesh, Hamsa Nandini, Ilayaraja, Vamsi