Top 7 (or 9, this time!) recent listens!

Aaje ve – Sona (Ram Sampath, Hindi)
Zee Music (whoever watches it, that is!) is been hammering this track non-stop for the past few days. When I checked Sona Mohapatra’s self-titled debut album came out in October 2006. The video is fantastic and Sona seems to be modeling herself along the lines of Nelly Furtado, at least in the attire department! The track, tuned by Ram Sampath, is a zingy, simple and very very addictive. The rhythm, lyrics and Sona’s interesting, throaty vocals…everything has been blended so well that you keep going back to it again and again!

Unakkul naan & Karu karu – Pachaikili Muthucharam (Harris Jeyaraj, Tamil)
Despite Unakkul’s marginal resemblance to Rahman’s now-forgotten Jaane bahara (Dil ne phir yaad kiya), this is one cracker of a song – very Harris Jeyaraj. I guess its time to stop using the word ‘repetitive’ for this composer, since this seems to be his unique stamp. The point is, his tracks are very listener-friendly and catches you rightaway! Karu karu is another clear winner from this soundtrack, with the trio, Karthik, Krish and Naresh Iyer having a ball in rendering this one!

Dilli & Tere bin – Delhi Heights (Rabbi Shergill, Hindi)
Rabbi’s vocals that we loved in Bulla, is back in his film debut, Delhi Heights. If you disregard the rather common background rhythms in Tere bin, its the lyrics, his voice and singing that catches your attention! Dilli has a fab sound faintly reminding me of U2 and some neat lyrics about the city that I thoroughly enjoyed being in, a few years back!

Jag laal & Piya – Big Brother (Sandesh Shandilya, Hindi)
I shudder at the thought of even approaching a Sunny Paaji soundtrack, more so when its directed by Guddu Dhanoa. Wonder what made them sign Sandesh for music and give just one item song to their regular Anand Raaj Anand. Regardless of what the movie could possibly be about, Sandesh delivers, and how! Jag laal’s Zubin-sung version is a clear winner with its catchy Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan-styled tune, while Shreya’s Piya is very Sandesh, in the interesting directions the tune takes backed by equally absorbing instrumental accompaniments!

Aamin – Red (Himesh Reshammmiya, Hindi)
The man with the most successful nasal twang is back. Even though his other much-more-hyped release Namaste London fails to impress, he does have this sufi-laced mellow track in Red that soars beyond his nasal annoyances, thanks to some thoughful orchestral variations all through the track.