Big Brother (Hindi – Sandesh Shandilya)

Piya sounds very appropriate for Sandesh-regular Chitra, but Shreya fits in quite well too in this soft, rhythmic track with an unusually-tuned antara. The sufi’ish Jag laal laal with its 3 versions, is reminiscent of Nusrat’s works, but its Zubin’s version that stands out next to the duet between him and Ustad Sultan Khan. Jeevan tumne is a competent bhajan while guest composer Anand Raaj Anand’s predictably racy Lak tunu seems like an after thought for the sake of a video. Big Brother’s (!) soundtrack defies an average wigged Sunny Deol – Guddu Dhanoa film’s soundtrack. Thanks to Sandesh Shandilya.

Keywords: Sunny Deol, Priyanka Chopra, Sandesh Shandilya, Ustad Sultan Khan, Zubin Garg