Top 7 recent listens!

Kanja penne – Kizhakku Kadarkarai Saalai (Paul J, Tamil)
Paul J’s Tamil debut is fairly decent, and this track stands out for its unique sound.

Javeda zindagi – Anwar (Mithoon, Hindi)
Who are Ksithij and Shilpa Rao? And why does Mithun get these smaller, low-budget movies? One divine track!

Kabul fiza – Kabul Express (Raghav Sachar, Hindi)
Raghav’s film debut is a fantastic, breezy pop ditty. Eminently listenable!

Ek lo ek muft – Guru (A R Rahman, Hindi)
Perhaps the most under-rated track in Guru, at least going by the reviews all over the net. This one’s a charming track sung so effortlessly by Bappi’da. The word play…(‘load shedding’ and ‘chand’ anyone?) by Gulzar is another fab highlight.

Ende khalbile – Classmates (Alex Paul, Malayalam)
Vineeth Srinivasan’s vocals sound untrained, that may be intentional, ‘cos he pulls the song damn well. Alex Paul’s simple and efficient music is the highlight even as it reminds me of a Tamil track by Vidayasagar, from Poovellaam un vaasam!

Maula mere – Anwar (Mithoon, Hindi)
A song I have been waiting for ever since I saw those promos…the first name that atrracted me was Manish Jha, ‘cos he was the man behind Maatrubhoomi. Then I saw Mithoon, who gave us Tere bin. And Mithoon doesnt dissappoint here!

Tere bina – Guru (A R Rahman, Hindi)
I dont think Rahman sounds that great here, particularly in the alaaps, but he makes it up with the overall sound and the choice of Chinmayee for the female vocals. Boy, is this the same lady who sang Kannathil Muthamittaa’ls title track? She sounds awesome!