Bhagam Bhag (Hindi – Pritam)

Tere bin is an enjoyable, breezy reggae’ish track while Signal, with a noticeable drag sounds pretty neat! But the soundtrack goes completely haywire after these two hopefuls. Sunidhi’s Aa kushi se is assembly-line Pritam at his worst. The title song is no better and despite Neeraj ‘Bombay Vikings’ Sridhar, drags on pointlessly. And barring those catchy rock’ish riffs and some mildly interesting interludes Aafreen rambles even before it registers. The album is loaded with even more worthless remixes than a normal Himesh soundtrack, all of which are eminently forgettable. Even Pritam’s usually impressive techno sound lacks its edge, this time!

Keywords: Akshay Kumar, Lara Dutta, Govinda