Mugilae and Pooncholai are reminiscent of Rahman’s melodies, complete with carnatic, alternately-pitched-choruses et all as interludes. The tracks do manage to excite you since they blend in melody and a mod orchestration well. And, Mugilae gains significantly from Srinivas’ vocals. Joshua returns to his familiar turf in Thottaal. Racy…and barely able to grasp the words. Catchy though! The Kashmiri song in Tamil (!) is outdated and seems straight out of an Abavaanan-Manoj Gyan combination invoking images of Vijaykant! And that ‘Bit Song’ ends before it starts. With 3 good tracks, Joshua actually does a decent job given the non-musical theme!

Keywords: Joshua Sridhar, Jeeva, Gopika, Mohanlal