Aadhivaasi, Vaanam pola & Chumma go the whole hog in creating mod sounds though you don’t quite carry the tunes home. College life is unlikely to be sung in campuses, despite the desperate attempt at being student-friendly while Kedi Paiya with its nursery rhyme-like tune and moronic lyrics manages to get bang on one’s nerves. Kunguma poove is perhaps the only track that has Yuvan’s inventive, rhythmic arrangements wrapped in some neat interludes. And Jassie Gift’s Unna petha, with that drowsy percussion is sure to please the masses. Yuvan’s music sure seems off-colour this time, besides bordering on the banal!

Keywords: KD, Yuvan Shankar Raja, Ravi Krishna, A M Rathnam, Jyothi Krishna, Iliana, Ileana, Tamanna