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Parapara‘s upbeat sound, cool vocal effects and vocal interplay between Vijay Yesudas and Ranjith lift the song. Konjalaai is that typical Yuvan melody – a resonant, engrossing tune with funky orchestration incorporating dubstep. Kakkaponnu, in contrast, has more of the alluring sound, but is saddled with a less interesting tune. Innum enna is the song […]

Therikkudhu masss is a curious melange; it has likeable pieces like the thavil base being used in two different backdrops, but as a whole, it’s bewildering. Premgi’s remix has its work cut-out and delivers a pulsating dance track. Naan aval illai‘s base melody is likeable enough, but its build-up is ho-hum, while Poochandi‘s street-smart funk […]

Beyond the catchy rhythm of Vaiyambatti lies a lovely tune, with the right amount of punch, and most importantly, Vairamuthu’s absorbing lyrics espousing the blissful living of tribals in the hills. That it is also wonderfully sung by Anthony Dassan and Priyadarshini is the icing! Kondaatamae‘s reasonably monotonous background don’t pull the song down given […]

Vandha kadha is Yuvan’s turn to pull an Anirudh – punchy techno gana, obviously powered by Gana Bala! Pachchai vanna has a gorgeous melody, though Yuvan’s package, despite the tantalizing sound, is very, very familiar. Pookkamazh is an intriguingly likeable techno-dance number; more than the catchy sound, Karky’s senthamizh verses make for an absorbing listen! […]

Devathai ticks off all facets of a catchy Yuvan track, with Nivas adding good value. Yuvan sings Uyire in his typical off-key way, with horrendous Tamil diction, killing an already sad song. Ippadiye is too templatized too comment, evoking many songs including Dhaavani potta. Odi odi provides musical ammunition to the standard Hari montage of […]

Hariharan aces the slow, likeable melody of Neeli rangu, with Yuvan playing the folk rhythm to very good effect. Javed Ali’s Gulabi is a lovely slow-burner! Yuvan hands him a tune that has really long phrases that Javed handles confidently, to make the tune thoroughly endearing. Ra rakumara seems to be making good use of […]

Dukki tikki obviously rehashes snatches of Variya from Pudhupettai, but what’s more intriguing is that it sounds more like a Thaman song than Yuvan’s! But he channelises the Bhatt-clan sound in his own way well in Tere hoke – thanks to Arijit too! Shweta Pandit’s reprise too is an excellent variant, orchestrated differently. Of the […]

Bang bang is obviously Raju Bhai’s intro song – high on hero worship, and barely functional. Ek do teen, despite the desperate attempt at singing by Suriya, works purely because of Yuvan’s catchy backgrounds and the simple, addictive tune. The reverse happens in Kadhal aasai – fantastic sufi-style melody, but Yuvan’s singing is atrociously bad […]

Pesadhe is vintage Yuvan – a lovely melody orchestrated with the necessary chutzpah and inventiveness, but with a more generous rock dosage than usual; fabulously sung by Hariharasudhan and Pooja! Ennodu vaa is passable kuthu, with a keen ear for the pulsating percussion. Moodu panikkul is truly interesting, recalling Jean Michel Jarre’s electronic music sensibility, […]

Kongunattu thendralukkum has a nice folk groove, but Karthik Raja and Venkat Prabhu’s vocals are jarring, to say the least, besides the rather staid tune. Yuvan’s singing is significantly worse in Tharaimele irunthae, and the tune too offers nothing new, regurgitating many other Yuvan songs. Thakkaalikku has a fantastic folk rhythm to back the pleasant […]

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