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Enthinee mizhi rendum, with its familiar, bouncy rhythm, is quite enchanting – the tune is gorgeous and Vidyasagar cranks up the orchestration beautifully! Sun sun sundari goes a step ahead – simple, serene tune, sung fabulously by Karthik and Madhu Balakrishnan with minimal, but carefully assembled backgrounds. Suryasalabham‘s pensive pathos, barring the expressive saarangi base, […]

Both Aarezhuthi aavo and Irulil oru kaithiri seem bent on revisiting well known Spanish phrases, particularly the Bailamo line from Enrique, in the former. Less said about Udit Narayan’s version of Irulil the better. Hyyo fares considerably better, but for annoyingly excessive auto-tuning for Yazin and Franco’s vocals. Akkarey is the one song that truly […]

Kolaikaaraa makes up for that utterly jaded and abused stock rhythm by framing a mesmerizing tune in Gowrimanohari; this is typical Vidyasagar-style masterly melody. Netru illai illai ups the ante beautifully! Why wouldn’t it? In Vidyasagar’s capable hands, we get yet another Mayamalava Gowlai melody orchestrated to perfection! The item number Hey karuppa paraendaa is […]

Thursday December 30, 2010 18:41

Siruthai (Music review), Tamil – Vidyasagar

If you ignore the short, middling and trite Thalaattu, the rest of the soundtrack is one extended item number! Keeravani’s hyper-catchy hook from the original’s College Papala makes only a fleeting appearance as the prelude to Naan romba; Vidyasagar’s new version is shockingly unimaginative. Chellam vada is no different – dreadfully derivative and outdated. Azhagha […]

Vidyasagar’s score for the Tamil film Ilaignan deserved a 200 – just for Imai thoodhane and Thozha vaanam. The former is something I can’t get over – Chinmayi’s astonishing vocals; the way she links the end of pallavi to the soaring music…scintillating! The arrangements too (as pointed out by Wootshire as ‘a cross between a […]

Wednesday December 8, 2010 16:16

Ilaignan (Music review), Tamil – Vidyasagar

The waltzy Imai thoodhane makes stunning use of the genre in a Tamil context and the music is top-notch – a fantastic showcase for Vidyasagar’s orchestration skills. Chinmayi is brilliant form too! The orchestral flourishes stay on in Mazhayil kulitha and Oru nila, which have trademark Vidyasagar melodies for company. Of the two motivational songs, […]

Tuesday December 7, 2010 16:26

Kaavalan (Music review), Tamil – Vidyasagar

Vinnai kaappaan is a lot of noise, carefully included jingoism and just a poor tune. KK and Rita’s Pattambuchi sounds more like a Manisharma tune, a blunt and lame one, at that! Thankfully, Sada sada makes for a good listen – excellent vocals by Karthik and vintage Vidyasagar tune, particularly in the anupallavi! Benny and […]

Satta sada starts off as a typical, sonorous Vidyasagar melody, but escalates beautifully with a surprising free-flowing form! Enna kurayo is Sudha Raghunathan’s show; stunningly touching tune, with a possible raag Chakravakam Bindu Malini* as base. Anbillama karanchadhu is interesting just for the brass band’ish sound – nothing else, but Megam vandhu gets the soundtrack […]

Tuesday August 24, 2010 10:47

Magizhchi (Music review), Tamil – Vidyasagar

Karthik and Chandrayee are in delightful form in Oothu thanni! Vidyasagar conjures a breezy melody that pleases instantaneously! Thekku maramaattam works for its lilting folk and authentic vocals, while Uchu kotta is the soundtrack’s spectacular highlight – the kind of Ilayaraja’ish melody that one expects from Vidyasagar, with his own unique nuances thrown in…this is […]

Anuraga vilochananayi is spellbinding, evoking the beautifully flowing tunes of Ilayaraja, packaged in a modern, but catchy orchestration. The title song’s celtic-styled prelude and scintillating rendition by Karthik are brilliant; the celtic feel carries throughout the song effectively! Balram and Vijay Prakash relish the ghazal-like melody in Pakalonnu, showcasing Vidyasagar’s nuanced composing skills he reserves […]

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