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The highly listenable Roopasi and the title song perfectly fit the Sonu-Mano Murthy-Mungaru Male template, while Kere yeri has a simple, equally charming sound. Roopasi’s Shreya version, Kannadi illada oorinali is a lovely listen as well, while Shreya rocks the wonderfully pleasant melody of Ninna snehadinda, with a gorgeous Hindustani base. Vijay Prakash’s spirited vocals […]

Yaarivanu hilariously compares Puneeth Rajkumar to ‘loaded gun’ and ‘Kohinoor gem’ in a corny tune that seems completely incapable of any hero worship, its intended objective. Appu Dance is far worse, repeating the ‘Twinkle twinkle little star’ phrase amidst stunningly pointless music. Puneeth himself fares much better singing the Jackson-ode pop in Yaakingagidhe. The title […]

Armaan Mallik leads Heegethake confidently, a generic, pleasant faux-sufi melody. The title song treads similar ground – painfully templatized, evoking a classic Laxmikant-Pyarerlal melody. Kolike ranga is Tipu’s show! He holds the calypso-from-Mandya package with his enthusiastic vocals. Ravichandran’s 1985 Naanu Nanna Hendthi number, Yaare neenu gets a remix, featuring Ranjith – lacks the kitschy […]

Tuesday October 20, 2015 19:07

Boxer (Music review), Kannada – V.Harikrishna

Dheem dheem is a charmingly catchy tune. Harikrishna ropes in Tipu to do the honors and he brings in his typical laid-back style to deliver it in style. Karthik and Vijay Prakash do something similar in Thunta thatakiye and Tagar putti, which could be easily mistaken for D.Imman’s tunes, with pounding, folk’ish rhythm. The soundtrack’s […]

Babber Sher, sung by Devi Sri Prasad, sounds like something he’d have composed in any Telugu film and roped in Baba Sehgal for singing it – standard issue hero-worship song. Thithili is no different – very Telugu-style catchy song that’s easily forgotten. Vijay Prakash handles the drunk-reggae Seereli hudugeena and pop-kuthu What to do like […]

I came across this piece in today’s Bangalore Mirror (Rajkumar song is not music to family’s big release), which says that Lahari Music and T-series have sent legal notices to the producers of the Puneet Rajkumar starrer, Ranavikrama, for allegedly plagiarizing 2 songs from their repertoire. The title song is Ranavikrama is supposedly based on […]

Kannada siri is a spirited mix of Ilayaraja and Keeravani. Harikrishna pulls it off in style, adorning it with tasteful orchestration! Baba Sehgal’s Maneyali appa is adequately Devi Sri Prasad’ish and catchy in an inane way, while the kuthu mix in Suin tapak is no different – functionally foot-tapping. But Tippu loads enough attitude in […]

Free idheera sees Harikrishna mixing what sounds like Lathangi raaga, complete with fantastic guitar and harmonica in the interludes! The composer goes one step ahead in Idhalliye, giving Sonu Nigam a fabulously addictive melody to croon. Hari gets behind the mike with his earthy voice for Yaakkaana sigthevo, an unusual tune that gains a lot […]

Tuesday April 12, 2011 19:06

Kool (Music review), Kannada – V Harikrishna

Chandrana has obviously poor chorus vocals, but Hari sure knows how to appeal to the lowest common denominator; the song is catchy. Much like Naveen Madhav’s Inky pinky, with that childishly repetitive hook. Coffee (listed as ‘Coffeg’ in the CD!) has horrendous vocals by Ganesh and contrastingly lovely singing by Priyadarshini; only its conversational style […]

Come on come on generously uses Dick Dale’s cult surf guitar hit, Misirlou and despite its jaded sound, manages to appeal. Aeri mele aeri has that spunky Uppi sound with veteran SP Balasubramanyam rocking the street-smart tune even as Uppi contributes with gibberish in his style! Kaayi kaayi and Look at the style too seem […]

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