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Sunday September 5, 2010 17:21

Nagaram (Music review), Tamil – Thaman S

Thaman unleashes his usual arsenal right upfront in Thiki thiki – builds the simple tune gradually and gets really better as it progresses; singers Ranjith and Megha are in great form. Kuthudhu‘s rhythms stand out, as much as Naveen Madhav’s vocals, while the violins in the catchy Puducha remind you of Thaman’s recent works, though […]

Ding ding has an infectious charm, with catchy orchestration and likeable kids’ chorus that mostly accompanies Jeyam Ravi, while Chitra’s portions in Sol pechu are outdated, even as Yuvan and Shreya’s parts are fresh. Pattu pattu tries quite hard – the overtly stylish singing adding to the annoyance – and fails, while Thothu ponen is […]

I have written about single songs rarely, but Ayyanar’s Paniye demands that honor. This is one song in recent times that I can truly call a homage to the Ilayaraja genre! And it is not by his sons, but by a rank outsider! To be fair, it starts a bit too mod for comfort and […]

The Tanglish lyrics of Oo lalali is a problem, but one cannot blame Thaman alone for it; the composer has delivered and how! Suchitra’s inimitable voice seldom goes wrong for such songs; essentially a lovely melody with marvelous arrangements. Ujaini’s Saturday girlodu too has silly lyrics, but as a tune it is very catchy, even […]

Nee ondrum is a tad simplistic but endearing nonetheless and Aanum pennum’s fast-paced rhythms and sophistication in the orchestration work pretty well. Graamam thedi emulates Rahman’s sound, but Thaman carefully crafts the track with adequate individuality and creates a winner, while in Adhikaalai pookkal the young composer ups the ante significantly with enchanting backgrounds and […]

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