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Thattungada melatha, despite all the effort by Thaman in the racy backgrounds, ends up as too familiar a template from him. Gana Bala’s otherwise earthy voice gets severely synthesized in Poosani kaai, thereby robbing it off any edge. Haricharan and Udit Narayan’s odd duet, Raja raja naandhaane, has a pleasant tune that comes with an […]

Tuesday April 30, 2013 21:16

Thadaka (Music review), Telugu – Thaman S

Gana gana gets its hook perfectly right – addictively catchy, with interesting arrangements too! Thaman’s backgrounds and silky smooth tune in Mara O mara is fantastic – Suchith and Manasi’s vocals deliver the right feel in this melody. Subhanallah‘s faux-Punjabi style barely works, despite spirited singing Karthik and Priya Hemesh. But Neeti Mohan gets things […]

Okkatai okkatai soars in Haricharan’s solid vocals! Its chorus holds a lot of punch too, while Thaman adds it all together in his style really well! Manasa manasa‘s classical base (Mohanam Hamsadhwani raaga?) is thoroughly endearing; Mallikarjun Rao and Vardhini deliver it with the care it deserves, even as Thaman adorns is beautifully fusing drum […]

Maro janmae is short and energetic! Ossina bangaram starts off like any Thaman song, but strangely takes on Devi Sri Prasad-style undertones with the music echoing the hook repetitively – catchy nonetheless. Yevvaru leranni’s templatized tune again has Devi’s trademark more than Thaman! Ee parikshalo thannaku‘s pathos is so old-fashioned that it barely works, while […]

Sunday March 17, 2013 20:45

Baadshah (Music review), Telugu – Thaman S

Sairo sairo is pulsating pop done well – excellent singing, even as Thaman takes the stadium-pop sound to new heights towards the end! In Diamond Girl, Simbu’s voice is annoyingly synthesized in true Thaman-style, but the pleasant hip-hop melody makes an impact. The catchy title song gains a lot from Shefali and Geetha Madhuri’s vocals, […]

Monday March 11, 2013 21:31

Vallinam (Music review), Tamil – Thaman S

STR gets ample support from Thaman to smoothen his off-key singing in Maaman machan, even as the soaring guitar elevates Viveka’s friendship-extolling lyrics. Uyiril uyiril is a punchy, captivating tune, thanks to Thaman’s orchestration and Haricharan’s effortless singing! Thaman’s reprise version is a fabulous listen too as it unravels the tune in its bare minimum, […]

Friday March 8, 2013 21:50

Shadow (Music review), Telugu – Thaman S

The title song is glitzy sound with a catchy rhythm enveloping it in Thaman’s usual style, while Gola gola and Pilla manchi, despite neat vocals by Ranjith and Ramya, and Rahul and Suchitra, are largely boring and familiar! Geetha Madhuri infuses life into Naughty Girl with her spirited item’ish singing, but the bizarre tune is… […]

Monday January 28, 2013 20:31

Jabardasth (Music review), Telugu – Thaman S

Arere arere starts with a harmonious chorus just like a Pritam song, but soon Nithya Menon takes over the velvety melody – she’s clearly the star of this song! Shreya weaves her usual magic in the highly addictive and rhythmic Allah allah. Thaman picks up the multi-period musical idea from Vidyasagar’s Parthiban Kanavu number Buck […]

Wednesday February 29, 2012 18:03

Ishtam (Music review), Tamil – Thaman S

Despite everything Thaman throws into making Vaena vaena, it remains a largely predictable and is actually quite a boring song. Oru megham holds better prospects; this and the other Harris Jeyaraj’ish tune, Dhinaku Dhina that Thaman exports from his own Telugu film Mirapakay, work better – reasonably hummable tunes, treated well in the orchestration, with […]

Parvathi, a unique ‘love failure’ song, is sung with the same verve and enthusiasm as Kaadhalikka Neramillai’s Viswanathan Velai Vendum, with hilariously entertaining lyrics; sung very well by Siddharth, at that. Azhaipaya is breezy, with particularly lovely interludes, and beautifully expresses the desperation of waiting for a call from the beloved; Harini sounds vastly unlike […]

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