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Daler’s opener, Gurbani, is serene, and makes fabulous use of his often-abused range. The title song, sung by Arif Lohar, is an odd disappointment with a tune that promises to do something at every second, but never does! The rock version is sung and orchestrated better, but is again the perfect example of a non-starter! […]

Suraj Jagan’s title song is magnificent, with an involving tune that subtly touches the Islamic prayer sound! Gino Banks’ drums and Rushad Mistry’s bass elegantly underline Thuppaki engal, as Kamal’s fantastic vocals and Vairamuthu’s intriguing lyrics eventually merges into a gorgeous Middle-Eastern twang. Kamal’s lyrics and prelude are fabulous in Unnai kaanadhu that blends into […]

Bedabrata Pain’s vocals seem apt for Ishan; the chorus complement him wonderfully, besides the nuanced orchestration. Jeeney ki wajah too is adorned with outstanding orchestration even as the complex, inspirational tune is very well handled. Bechayan sapne‘s Bengali sound is pleasant – Abhijeet Sawant and Mahalaxmi Iyer work their magic easily. The highlight of the […]

Prasoon’s lyrics faintly touch SEL’s Achha lagta hai, from Kuch Naa Kaho, in Achha lagta hai(!), but changes tone into a playful, colloquial, immensely addictive banter. What works significantly in favor of Mauka is the ‘Other Mahadevan’ factor; the ‘chanace’ given to Raman Mahadevan adds wonderfully fresh appeal to this high-energy track. Pt. Channulal Mishra […]

Ik junoon‘s enthusiasm is highly infectious, particularly the energy in the arrangements and delightful vocals. Alyssa Mendosa is in total control of the dreamy Khaabon ke parindey; its jazzy, restless orchestration is a sheer joy to absorb. Hrithik, Farhan and Abhay’s vocals gel beautifully with Maria Del Mar Fernandez in the gorgeously latino Senorita, while […]

Monday February 21, 2011 15:24

Game (Music review), Hindi – Shankar Ehsaan Loy

Bourne? Don? Moody? Atmospheric? It’s a game seems like a combination of all this and functions effectively as a title credits song. Sunitha Sarathy offers a neat, low-pitched title hook in the reprise. Kaun hai ajnabi takes off from the title song and is a catchy, energetic mish-mash. Maine yeh kab is predictable kumbaya material […]

When Ehsaan enquired if I was in town on February 3rd, late last week, I had no idea about the unplugged gig they were planning in town. I was indeed in town, things happened quite fast and I got an invite for the Shankar Ehsaan Loy Unplugged gig at The Leela, courtesy Standard Chartered Private […]

Jassi’s vocals make a huge difference in Laung da lashkara, a passably catchy track; but Rola pa gaya is severely weighed down by its stereotyped SEL sound. Hans Raj Hans’ Tumba tumba is delightfully earthly and tuneful, while Shafqat’s Kyun main jaagoon and Vishal Dadlani’s Aadat hai voh are both brilliantly scored, with fabulous lyrics! […]

There is an overriding soul-style sound in this soundtrack that seems very appealing. It’s more pronounced in the piano-laden Reham O Karam, that starts blissfully serene before escalating its notes, and in Sun le dua, an all-out mellow tune that rides entirely on Bela Shende’s Shreya’s scintillating vocals. Rahat-led Aankhon mein is predictably sweet and that […]

Out of the two songs by Shankar Ehsaan Loy, only Ullu da pattha works, for its casual, rollicking charm, while I love Amreeka gets drowned under its own predictability. Dhruv Dhalla’s Shor sharaba is at best a muddled track with vaguely likeable phrases, while his other track, Kukduk, lays on the Punju jadedness with alarming […]

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