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Vaikkom Vijaylakshmi is consistently becoming that kind of a singer who completely owns a song; Kaikottum kandittila is no exception. Beyond the Rahman’ish violins in Neelambalin, the tune is gorgeous, thanks also to Arun Alat’s endearing vocals. Enne Thallendammaava is massively funky, with Shaan and Vineeth having a lot of fun singing it along with […]

The title song has a wonderfully likeable, hush’y tune! Gopi’s own vocals goes really well with the male version, while Pavithra Menon goes aggressively fangled in the female version. Minmini’s Kanmaniye is soft, simple and serene – the waltz wafts beautifully! Manjupeyume is no different – almost whispery, endearing melody, brilliantly delivered by Najim Arshad, […]

Shaan sounds considerably better in Chayunnuvo than Aaromale, but both songs have tunes that are thoroughly likeable. The former’s morph into punchy technopop is fabulous, while the latter’s almost-reggae’ish lilt is neat too. Doore doore, in both its variants, offers an engaging tune, though Rinu Rezak’s minimal version trumps Vineeth’s more boy-band’ish version. There’s a […]

Innaleyolam is a standard Malayalam melody, but the aptly chosen vocals of Vijay Yesudas and Swetha makes a big difference, along with the soft, amiable lilt. That Soni de nakhre (Partner) rhythm makes its appearance in Malayalam too, but in a Hindi song – Ab kya hua hei; catchy and well-sung by Shan Johnson, Kavya […]

Kattu mooliyo has the alluring combination of Vineeth’s thoroughly likeable vocals and gorgeous music by Shaan, topped by that beautiful sax! Job Kurian does the honors for the charming folk tune in Mandaarame, while Remya Nabeesan handles Ee mazha megham like a pro, aided by Shaan’s enchanting tune that traverses a ghazal’ish style to eventually […]

Saturday November 9, 2013 20:59

Thira (Music review), Malayalam – Shaan Rahman

Theerathe neelunne seems perfect for Vineeth’s range – he makes superb use of the simple, evocative tune, punctuated by that repetitive hum that stars the song. Hesham and Neha Nair do a phenomenal job in Thazhvaram, beautifully accentuated by the violin-veena in an otherwise rock base. It’s mellow, solo version by Neha is her show […]

Tippu powers Take It Easy, a dancy track in his usual style; Shaan puts together an easy-on-the-ear package. Tippu and Vineeth Srinivasan are great together in the wonderfully rhythmic gaana-type song Sorry Please Thank You! Nalla nalla works up a charming retro-style tune with lovely use of violins and harmonium, while Shaan confidently croons Kanasige, […]

Anuragham is drop-dead gorgeous! Rahul Subrahmanian’s version is a bit conventional, ballad’ish with great guitar, while Divya Menon rocks the reprise with her sweet rendering! Remya Nambeesan and Sachin Warrier’s sonorous vocals, along with the sarod usage, in a slow, ghazal’ish backdrop are the highlights of Muthuchippi – wonderful listen. Anuraghathin, by Vineeth Srinivsan goes […]

Maanyamaha janagale, with its pumping music and rousing pop tune is appropriately zingy, with excellent vocals by Vineeth and Sachin Warrier, while Shaan excels with his tipsy vocals in the very jazzy Kaathu kaathu; Josy’s sax is used beautifully here! Lavan kashmalan is cleverly composed – a calculated, rhythmic tune, paused by that catchy hook, […]

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