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The instantly sing-along’ish title song comes alive in Vishal Dadlani’s angst’y vocals. In Jhalli pataka, Santhosh craftily mixes foot-tapping kuthu rhythms with a very blues’y tune and Sunidhi makes the odd combo work beautifully! Dil ye ladaku is Santhosh’s trademark sound, with a brilliant profusion of violins to help Monali’s tantalizing vocals. Jagaa khunnas is […]

A decade ago, Happy would have been a gaana song. Santhosh Narayanan turns the same lyrics (hilarious, ponder-worthy, by Vivek) into a funky, rhythmic tune! Pogiren has standard-issue inspirational lyrics and even Kalpana Raghavendar sounds less impressive; it’s only Santhosh’s soaring music that holds the song. Rasathi has Santhosh’s trademark – unusual and alluring orchestration […]

Keba’s electric guitar and bass are instantly alluring in Kutti poochi, adding an almost surreal layer to what is essentially a simple, resonant folk tune. Manicka Vinayagam carries Muthamil’s lyrics beautifully, while Balu’s nadaswaram plays superb jugalbandhi with the rest of the trippy sound. Poo avizhum pozhudhil builds itself into an incredibly likeable melody and […]

The title song has fantastic chorus, overlaid on a groovy techno-kuthu sound. Santhosh’s delightful choice of instruments comes to the fore in Kakidha kappal, expertly handled by Gana Bala. Bala’s other song, Irandhidava, the retro-parody is less impactful, in comparison. Aagaayam theepidicha is Pradeep’s show, with his evocative singing, but Santhosh packs a significant punch […]

Rita and Antony Dasan’s unusual vocals and Santhosh funky music run riot over Kannamma. Ding dong is uber cool gangsta rap transposed to Tamil, while Pandi naatu’s brass band sound is intermittently interesting. Dhesayum ezhandheney is Vishal Bharadwaj’ish in approach; ambient sounds and Meenakshi Iyer’s lovely vocals. Hoo haw’s spaghetti western sound is imaginative. The […]

Tuesday February 18, 2014 21:14

Cuckoo (Music review), Tamil – Santhosh Narayanan

Manasula soora kaathey is exquisite! Whether it is RR and Divya Ramani’s beautiful vocals, or that mesmerising Keeravani-base tune that sounds like Ilayaraja’s beautiful melody from the 80s… or that magically soft orchestration… astoundingly beautiful! Agasatha, with its persistent violin base, is very Santhosh, in outlook, but the tune is involving enough. Such is the […]

Come na come uses the schoolboy’ishly well-known abuse, set to a simple, catchy tune, complete with rap and earthy vocals. Andrea rocks Mama douser, a raucous, one-sentence song with free-flowing jazz goodness! Kovai Jaleel’s vocals and Sathosh’s music capture the 60s wonderfully in Ellaam kadandhu, while Rob Mass’s Sudden Delight is superbly trippy! Saga is […]

Naanaaga naanindri‘s minimal arrangement demands much from Pradeep and Kalyani and they deliver pretty well for its unconventional tune! Pradeep’s vocals power Oru murai too – a fabulously melodious ballad. Andril paravai seems more like Santhosh’s Pizza track – well-crafted, glitzy disco pop! Even Ilavatta thalam stands out with its uniquely funky take on kuthu […]

Thursday September 6, 2012 21:24

Pizza (Music review), Tamil – Santhosh Narayanan

Mogathirai uses Santhosh’s guitar-based Atta Kathi template; serene and pleasant! Its prelude, by Phil Hartl, is a wonderful listen too! Rathiri’s Decent Version is a funky disco-pop number with great use of the retro style. Its Arath version is less effective, and the Rap version, even lesser. Gaana Bala pulls off the slow, true-blue jazzy […]

Pradeep’s 2 songs – Aasai or pulveli and Vazhi paarthirundhen are remarkably poised and beautifully guitar-backed; the lyrics by Kabilan in the former is particularly lovely! Podi vechu pudippaan takes time in comprehending its flow, but catches on fast enough with its rocking hook! Gaana Bala’s Aadi pona aavani and Nadukadalula are earthy and resonant […]

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