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I remember writing this, in my review of Pandiraj’s debut Tamil film, ‘Pasanga‘. Tamil cinema is home to rampant male domination. No hero in our state apologizes – its always the woman who is used to apologizing; if the man does, he’s either above 50 (in filmy age) or from a neighboring state (Mammooty?). And […]

Keeravani’s Ninnu chudani plays on stereotypes, but manages to occasionally impress, thanks to that prominent accordion. Salim Sulaiman’s Premalekha Raasene rehashes their Hindi style, but sounds brilliant nevertheless – scintillating sound and a catchy tune! The duo’s short Yodha theme too is lovely. Mickey J Meyer’s Chandamamala is a fantastic combination of a simple, lullaby-like […]

Saturday October 16, 2010 08:40

Hisss (Music review), Hindi – Assorted composers

Anu Malik’s Lagi lagi has some old world charm, but gets drowned in overindulgent music. His other song, Lafanaa, is item’ish chaos with borrowed rhythms and recycled hooks. Beyond the snake sees Shruti Haasan in fantastic form, thanks also to DKFP! Mallika Sherawat, in her singing debut in Sway hisses, chants, speaks and lets out […]

Ab mujhko offers faux optimism, in a conventional package, while Mohit Chauhan’s reflective Chala aaya pyar doesn’t work entirely despite some neat tabla-infused orchestration. Shafqat’s Shukriya zindagi is standard SEL-template and is predictably pleasant. Shankar Mahadevan’s (and Shreya’s) painfully meditative Pal mein is just that – painful and meditative. With its Middle Eastern/Latino appeal, Pritam’s Dilkash dildaar is […]

Thursday January 28, 2010 20:39

Music review: Teen Patti (Hindi – Salim Sulaiman)

Bachchan’s probability mumbo-jumbo sounds silly in an otherwise-enjoyable, Bond’ish Life is a game; fantastic vocals by Sonia Saigal and Anushka! Summertime (George Gershwin’s original used as-is) has corny lyrics, but the zingy pop works instantly, thanks to Joe Alvares’ vocals. The title song is likeable techno-pop with a psychedelic soundscape. Sunidhi is scintillating in the […]

Alisha starts the soundtrack reasonably well with its spunky arrangements and fabulously cool vocals by Anushka and Salim Merchant. Even the title song has a pleasant tune that, without trying too hard, manages to retain its genial charm. It’s only with You and Me that a fatigue sets in – it does sound zingy but […]

The title Pocket mein rocket sounds terribly obscene, till you listen to the catchy, highly enjoyable song – it’s a simple, addictive tune and the choice of Benny Dayal is something the composers should be proud of – bang-on! Gadbhadi hadbhadi too is high on energy and Vishal Dadlani, in his tru style relishes singing […]

Tuesday October 13, 2009 22:26

Music review: Kurbaan (Hindi – Salim-Sulaiman)

Shukran Allah is predictably and genuinely pleasing, particularly, the prominent title phrase rings long after the song is over. Sukhwinder and Kailash Kher have a really harmonious session in Dua, while Salim excels in the Ali maula, a phrase that has been over-used, but transforms into a haunting track here. Shruti Pathak’s Rasiya is breathtakingly […]

Thursday June 25, 2009 21:07

Music review: Luck (Hindi – Salim Sulaiman)

Minimal techno-wizardry and even more minimal tune makes Luck aazma a poor title song, but the duo spring a surprise with Salim’s vocals in the laid-back melody of Khudaya ve. Jee le is at best a left-over from the duo’s Chopra clan association and beyond all the superficial catchiness, it is plain and routine. The […]

From the promos, Om mangalam by RDB sounded mundane, but ironically, that is the best track of the soundtrack. And, it’s merely a passable track inspired no doubt by Singh is King’s sound. Anu Malik mauls the rest of the soundtrack with terribly jaded tunes and the most predictable sound arrangements – Lakh lakh is […]

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