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Sandeep Shirodkar does a pretty good job in improvising the catchy sadak-chaap’ness of Anu Malik’s original in Chalti hai kya featuring Dev Negi and Neha Kakkar. In Oonchi hai building 2.0, Sandeep gets Anu himself to sing it again, in a confidently spruced up package, and Anu gains a new accent for words like ‘razawmand’. […]

Add Bollywood’s garish excesses to an inherently simple and gorgeous folk tune, you get the film’s version of Tung tung. It only forces you to head to Sneha’s own original. Manj Musik gets both his tracks right – Singh aur Kaur is a punchy Punjabi rap package with a catchy hook, and Mahi aaja has […]

Phatte tak nachna, despite Sunidhi’s enthusiastic singing, is incredibly bland and template-driven! But Fashion khatham works big time, Mamta Sharma dishing out a punchy dance track with perfect chutzpah! Even Babaji ka thullu is a lot of fun, the hook delivered hilariously by Wajid amidst a spunky techno sound and Danish Sabri’s backing vocals and […]

Superman‘s manic rhythm and aggressive sound work well, and Wajid’s singing accentuates it too. Radha nachegi‘s sound is almost hammering, but the tune has spunk! Madamiyan would make Salman Khan proud – almost his genre; noisy and utterly predictable. Shruti Haasan rocks Joganiyan, a tune that starts off well, but the composing duo’s penchant with […]

The title song is a pleasant, catchy power qawali sung with the perfect verve by Javed Ali and Sunidhi – lovely listen! Mannat starts off dreamily, but eventually – and disappointingly – moves on to Sanjay Leela Bhansali territory, thereby diluting the impact completely. Rangreli, despite the energetic sound, is outdated 90s music. Ditto with […]

Barring Kausar Munir’s use of ‘kathai* aankhen’, Rabba is pleasant, but contrived, with Mohit Chauhan valiantly trying to save it. Ditto with Tabah – Mohit is the bright spot in the familiar melody. Sajid-Wajid get their 3rd song right though – Raat bhar‘s foot-tapping techno sound works. Mustafa Zahid and Bilal Saeed’s Tere binaa is […]

Beyond the silly lyrics, Sajid Wajid’s catchy tune does make an impression in Besharmi ki height, with that Ek tuu hook and generally amiable techno sound. Tera hero idhar hai cleverly appropriates Pancham’s Jahan teri yeh nazar hai and Pritam’s Dil mein baji guitar for its hook and has similar body-shaking impact, with confident crooning […]

Of Sajid Wajid’s three songs, Baaki sab and Photocopy are unbearably banal, but Tere naina, that sounds like the love child of Bullet Raja’s Saamne hai and Dabangg’s Tere mast mast, is a neat listen! Amal Malik’s Tumko to aana hi tha is sappy and cheesy; the House mix (Love you till the end), even […]

The title song has the same kuthu-energy as any other South Indian hero introduction song, while Don’t touch my body is adequately and simplistically bawdy. In the catchy Jai Govinda, the composers utilize the Pritam style quite effectively and also effortlessly appropriate parts of Mere naseeb main’s Sharma gayee interlude, while Satake thoko doesn’t have […]

There’s absolutely nothing in Dil ko aaya sukoon to not let it remain as something that drones in the background. Govinda aala re is no different – traditional folk tune rehashed for the umpteenth time. The Tamil original’s theme song, Shambho shiv shambho is rehashed by Sundar himself, with Shankar Mahadevan doing the Hindi version […]

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