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Sunday September 21, 2008 16:55

Music review: Fashion (Hindi – Salim Sulaiman)

The cheekily titled Fashion ka jalwa has a calculated catchiness with the right tempo to go with it, while Shruti Pathak’s throaty crooning in Mar jawaan is brilliantly appropriate even as the ambient tune and backgrounds completely envelopes you. Mohit Chauhan and Neha Bhasin do their magic in Kuchh khaas, whose tune seems to be […]

Tuesday September 9, 2008 21:11

Music review: Drona (Hindi – Dhruv Ghanekar)

The title song has an intriguing structure which the composer reigns in admirably – his unconventional voice only adds to the novelty. Khushi’s jazz appeal is overshadowed by the ambling tune, while the very catchy Oop cha, despite that Pritam-like sound, has enough variations from Dhruv to call it his own. Bandagi is the real […]

Thursday July 31, 2008 06:08

Music review: Chamku (Hindi, Monty Sharma)

Aaja milke’s tune is haunting and even that seemingly standard rhythm builds up quite impressively. Shail and Shreya Ghosal are in fabulous form crooning this one. The techno-pathos in Bin daseyaa and Kithe jawa is tiresome, despite those punchy orchestration. Even Dukh ke badri is rather monotonous with false pretensions of an ornate sound. Gola […]

Thursday July 17, 2008 21:05

God Tussi Great Ho (Hindi, Sajid Wajid)

Let’s party is a lame attempt at the Shankar Ehsaan Loy kind of music, while the title song is an irritating mess. The Aati kya khandala knock-off with the Malad angle, Tujhe aksa beach ghuma doon is surprisingly neat with a childishly catchy tune! Neeraj Shridhar sounds unlike his usual ebullient self in the stylish […]

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