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Mamatala thalli opens on a soft note, evolving to a grander sound at two places, around the 1st and 2nd minutes. Sivuni aana‘s beautifully rolling lyrics and hymnal sound is captivating, while Pacha bottasi‘s tune, while pleasant, is standard issue material from the veteran. Nippulaa swasa and the short Jeevanadi are background’ish at best. The […]

Neelavenini edipinchina‘s highlight is Rahul Sipligunj’s vocals and Keeravani’s simple, endearing tune; Revanth’s pathos version makes for a great listen too! Rahul pulls off a falsetto in Bharatham pattina natyam, a folk’ishly foot-tapping song, while Prudhvi, across two different pitches, is in good form in Salahalivvoddu. Ramya Behara carries the pop’ish Bull boy and the […]

Chinta ta ta shamelessly – and without any credit – rips off MM Kreem’s Telugu original from the film’s original, Vikramarkudu. If it sounds catchy, don’t credit Sajid Wajid for it. Dhadhang dhang and Chammak challo bring back the pointless 90s masala music we had gladly gotten over, while Aa re mauls the catchy cue […]

Saturday March 31, 2012 08:16

Eega (Music review), Telugu – MM Keeravani

Nene is a sweepingly pleasant reggae-based track that sounds good, but doesn’t go beyond the genre’s conventions. The title song has a flamboyant sound, but strangely the same Jackson-styled rhythm as Dhammu’s Ruler, by Keeravani himself – just faster; very good listen, however! Konchemu ardhamaina is a wonderfully breezy melody with Vijay Prakash in super […]

Saturday March 31, 2012 07:41

Dhammu (Music review), Telugu – MM Keeravani

Despite the ennui-ridden kuthu rhythm, O lilli is a rocking affair; Baba Sehgal nails it with his enthusiastic vocals. With grand, bombastic orchestration and strong Jackson influence, Ruler is mighty impressive – both versions, particularly the CD version by Keeravani himself. Raajaa vasireddy blends a nice folk’ish tune with a more modern kuthu sound to […]

Sunday November 27, 2011 21:28

Rajanna (Music review), Telugu – MM Keeravani

Gijigadu is a superb showcase of Sanjeev Chimmalgi’s involved vocals and Keeravani gaaru’s simple, impactful and earthy tune. Raa ree and Goodu chediri koila carry a similar flavour – instantly endearing. Keeravani rocks with his fabulous vocals in Karakuraathi gundello, aided wonderfully by Kailash Kher! Lachuvamma and Chittiguvva involve folkish elements in an immensely catchy […]

Omkareswari is that perfect filmy blend of massy devotional frenzy, while Amabadari works its charm using rhythmic verses to great effect! Baba Sehgal’s In the night is embarrassingly cheesy, even as Chaitra’s enticing vocals tries desperately to prop an otherwise weak Nachavura. Ditto with Chiranjeeva – ennui-inducing, for most parts. It’s in Vasudhara that the […]

Keeravani’s Ninnu chudani plays on stereotypes, but manages to occasionally impress, thanks to that prominent accordion. Salim Sulaiman’s Premalekha Raasene rehashes their Hindi style, but sounds brilliant nevertheless – scintillating sound and a catchy tune! The duo’s short Yodha theme too is lovely. Mickey J Meyer’s Chandamamala is a fantastic combination of a simple, lullaby-like […]

Ammai kitiki has a pleasantly breezy tune; Karunya sounds a lot like Sonu Nigam, but does a great job, along with Chaitra. Ranjith’s Udyogam poyindi is quite Mani Sharma’ish and is brilliantly arranged with imaginative guitar phrases. The composer joins Geetha Madhuri in the lilting Telugammai; the lyrics are packaged really well in catchy, retro-style. […]

Sarigamapadanee works more for SPB’s vocal play than for its conventional tune, but the sonorous, lullaby-like Laali paaduthunnadi is absolutely brilliant! SPB’s vocals are fabulous, while Geetha Madhuri’s intentionally mod voice helps as a contrast. Govinda‘s simple, lilting tune is its strength, while Yem sakkagunnavro and Balamani are rhythmic and foot-tapping; the latter works a […]

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