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Kalyani sounds ethereal in the title song, but the tune, despite its pleasant outlook is too steeped in Mickey’s usual template that it tends to be way too predictable. Krishna Chinni’s hilarious lyrics are as much integral to Devuda as the way Anil sings it – thoroughly enjoyable fun song! Ee kadha, sung by Sanam […]

Yem cheddaam is a harmoniously sung track where the lyrics blend in brilliantly with the energetic tune! Aaraduguluntada is wonderfully pleasant, thanks largely to Kalyani’s singing, while Chitra rules over the dreamily tuned title song! Mari antaga has Mickey template written all over – rhythmic, but vastly familiar. Vaana chinukulu depends solely on stock rhythms […]

Naa manasupai sounds exactly like something Harris Jayaraj would compose in his sleep; entirely predictable and adequately soporific. Neethone unna is thankfully interesting, however – an odd, meditative 80s pop rhythm for a lovely tune and sung well by Mickey himself. A similar attempt in Vela talukutaarale falls flat with its archaic and drowsy sound. […]

The title song has a lovely, lilting pop feel accentuated by KK’s wonderful singing. Sri Ramachandra’s alternate version is even better, with fantastic guitar and pulsating sound. Karthik and Naresh Iyer make Beautiful Girl and It’s Your Love work with their magical vocals respectively, even as they traverse the familiar pop ballad sound with the […]

Keeravani’s Ninnu chudani plays on stereotypes, but manages to occasionally impress, thanks to that prominent accordion. Salim Sulaiman’s Premalekha Raasene rehashes their Hindi style, but sounds brilliant nevertheless – scintillating sound and a catchy tune! The duo’s short Yodha theme too is lovely. Mickey J Meyer’s Chandamamala is a fantastic combination of a simple, lullaby-like […]

Surprisingly, Mickey doesn’t repeat Happy Days for the remake. Oh my friend becomes Vazhkai oru; Kodi kanavu is the Telugu title song and Inidhu inidhu, the much-loved Arey rey – all 3 are appropriately translated and sound wonderful. Of the new songs, Ammakale has childishly optimistic lyrics but is at least orchestrated well, while Inbam […]

Prema prema is beautiful, but generic. We Don’t Care sounds good, but is so standard’ish that it is disappointing. Ninnu nannu‘s mellifluous orchestration holds the key even as the tune of terribly predictable. Strangely enough, the composer does an astounding job while retuning two of the MS Viswanathan’s original songs – Bale bale magadivoy, with […]

Monday November 23, 2009 18:36

Music review: Leader (Telugu – Mickey J Meyer)

Maa Telugu talliki scores big time with its atmospherically inspiring orchestration, even as it expertly intersperses Sri Tanguturi Surya Kumari’s ubiquitous and evergreen original brilliantly! Despite the predictably familiar rhythm, Aunana kaadana is pleasant and serene – Naresh Iyer and Shweta Pandit rendering their lines really well. Nakash Aziz, sounding a bit like Rahman, is […]

Saturday September 12, 2009 21:32

Music review: Ganesh (Telugu – Mickey J Meyer)

That decidedly unimpressive kids’ chorus that opens Karthik’s Chalo chalore perhaps forebodes that Mickey’s latest may just belie the expectations set by his earlier, impressive soundtracks – but the track actually grows up to be quite endearing. Tanemando mirrors a bit too much of the composer’s earlier work, despite sounding pleasant, while the folk’ish Lalla […]

Tuesday July 22, 2008 09:28

Hare Ram (Telugu, Mickey J Meyer)

The two moody, thematic pieces – Jairam jairam and the theme music – are just marginally involving. Mickey’s vocals in the pop-induced, 80s style Nasha is considerably better. The proceedings get interesting with the milder tracks – the rhythmic Ya kudha zara opening the session impressively with Harish and Kalyani’s vocals. Sariga padani, in Karthik’s […]

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