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Mellaga tellarindoi is so typically Mickey! The build-up is lovely, the chorus even more so! Anurag Kulkarni leads the vocals very well. The title song gains tremendously from Chitra and Vijay Yesudas’s singing; the tune is predictably Mickey, but the resonant sound is fantastic. Naalo nenu suffers from its monotonous rhythm though Sameera Bharadwaj’s singing […]

For such a lovely melody, sung and by Ramya Behara backed by a smattering of nadaswaram (shenai?), Kotta kadhalay is annoyingly short! Kaav kaav is a foot-stomper that lives up to its promise of painting the town red. The rhythm is bouncy and mixes desi flavor mighty well. Yegirenay yegirenay is a phenomenal earworm – […]

Vacchindi kada avakasam no doubt has the strong AVICII flavor, but the Telugu-EDM song is great, catchy fun, led wonderfully by Abhay Jodhpurkar. The title song too carries the electronic sound, coupled with a neat title hook, this time headlined by Sreeramachandra. Mickey seems intent on covering electronic genre in Bala tripuramani and Put your […]

The title song gains from Rahul Nambiar’s full-throated singing and Mickey’s punchy 80s-style pop sound, with a particularly catchy horns layer. Starting with faux-East Asian sounds, I’m in love builds on to become a fairly standard, but foot-tapping masala duet. Aakasam is rather un-Mickey, using a stock Andhra folk rhythm, but he gets the repetitive […]

Ninnamanemunde is mighty staid, despite all the effort from Rahul Nambiar and Ramya Behara. Ladies And Gentlemen has a consistently catchy rhythm to save it from boredom, but Mickey gets everything right in Kannalle, with it’s wonderfully foot-tapping sound, besides Karthik and Shivani’s pitch-perfect singing. Mickey rehashes his own Chakkilingitey title song to great effect […]

The title song, with 80s psychedelic coolth and a soaring hook, is a great listen. Mila mila is trademark Mickey – rhythmic, repetitively simple hook dominating the song, along with imaginative interludes. Anjana Sowmya infuses as much joy in Jagadeka veera as much as Mickey’s enthusiastic sound, while the friendship anthem, Thanks 2 zindagi is […]

Thursday December 4, 2014 21:03

Mukunda (Music review), Telugu – Mickey J Meyer

Chesededo‘s pulsating tune plays beautifully in contrast to the expansive, thrumming background. Daredumdadum is relatively simplistic and predictable, but the orchestration is enchanting, while Chitra rules over the other predictable, but sweet track, Gopikamma. Arare chandrakala is very foot-tapping in a very Mickey-way and is superbly sung by Sai Shivani and Karthik. Nandalaala, despite Swetha […]

Avoid girls seems built like a college anthem, with appropriate lyrics to make it sing-along’ish – fun while it lasts. Mickey tries a falsetto in Baby my lover and while the tune is standard-issue boyband pop, it is a simply, catchy listen. Mayo is dancehall handled well with all the right, pleasing sounds, while Ramya […]

Kalyani sounds ethereal in the title song, but the tune, despite its pleasant outlook is too steeped in Mickey’s usual template that it tends to be way too predictable. Krishna Chinni’s hilarious lyrics are as much integral to Devuda as the way Anil sings it – thoroughly enjoyable fun song! Ee kadha, sung by Sanam […]

Yem cheddaam is a harmoniously sung track where the lyrics blend in brilliantly with the energetic tune! Aaraduguluntada is wonderfully pleasant, thanks largely to Kalyani’s singing, while Chitra rules over the dreamily tuned title song! Mari antaga has Mickey template written all over – rhythmic, but vastly familiar. Vaana chinukulu depends solely on stock rhythms […]

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