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Manisharma’s new soundtrack in Telugu, Kothimuka, is yet another NW1W material. The remix of the evergreen NT Rama rao song, Oohala gudsa gusa lade is pretty sad, and uses the same backgrounds as in Rahman’s Rangeela number, ‘Aiyayo’ – could be a commercial loop. The only song that has recall is the slow melody Nuvvoka […]

Monday March 29, 2010 21:06

Music review: Sura (Tamil – Manisharma)

Naan nadanthal works only because of its appealing, stylish rhythms even though the lyrics are beyond mundane. Siragadikkum nilavu is archaic Manisharma material, with rudimentary catchiness, while Thamizhan veera thamizhan is loud, pointless and silly. The composer reuses his Telugu Billa chartbuster, Bommayi ,as Thanjavoor jillaakaari; Hemachandra repeats his role and infuses life into the […]

Both the versions of the title song are surprisingly good – the chirpy retro version in particular has the right dose of spoofy fun and is sung delightfully by Mukesh and Priya Subramnaian! The other track that stands out is the Senthamizh Thenmozhiyaal-inspired Unnai nenaicha – catchy combo of mod-retro styles with groovy singing by […]

Saare jahaan goes overboard on its techno sound that is both outdated and annoying. Aidhurojula pelli, with a host of voices and a calculated mish-mash makes for an interesting listen, while out of Hemachandra and Malavika’s two duets, Kalalu kaavule makes a mark with its harmonious tune and ambient arrangements, even as Thalambraalatho is merely […]

Thursday October 1, 2009 21:46

Music review: Ek Niranjan (Telugu – Manisharma)

The languorous style of the title song is appealing, thanks to Ranjith’s superbly casual rendition. Hemachandra and Geetha Madhuri’s Gundello is typical Manisharma material – a tuneful and catchy, massy track that hooks instantly, partly due to that Entharo mahanu bhavulu connection. If Sameera works at some vague level, it’s only because of Karthik’s vocals, […]

Saturday September 12, 2009 21:46

Music review: Rechipo (Telugu – Manisharma)

Manisharma’s ingenuity in tuning the peculiarly retro-styled Ettuko is quite apparent – this is a seductive track with supremely confident vocals by Geetha Madhuri. Hemachandra and Malavika help the sweetly assembly-line Gaalaina, while Tholi tholiga is as interesting as those catchy, pop’pish 90 tracks. Pathikella does have its arrangements in good stead, but the tune […]

Wednesday September 2, 2009 21:42

Music review: Banam (Telugu – Manisharma)

When you think the man is down and out, Manisharma bounces back and how! Kadile padam carries the confidence and poise of a vintage Ilayaraja song, complete with superbly crafted background orchestration and incredible vocals by Shankar Mahadevan. Nalo nelena and Mogindi jeganta are lovely too, if not for that mild tedium over their arrangements […]

Athiri puthiri is phenomenally outmoded hip-hop styled backgrounds with a silly tune bordering on middle eastern, while the zingy Doctor mappillai okaya, beyond the zing and some interesting interludes, is too routine to warrant any further interest. A similar mock gimmicky sound is also found in Thiru thiru vizhiyae, which is spritely enough to be […]

Madhurayathana is a Ilayaraja styled 80s number – sounds like a neat spin off either Dharmavathi or Hamsanaaadham. Malli malli is enjoyable too – simple and enjoyable tune; while the composer’s stock runs into serious trouble with Na manase, Nara naramentila and Varevaa – using such a templatized format that they could have been composed […]

Monday April 20, 2009 21:06

Music review: Thoranai (Tamil – Manisharma)

Echoing Thiruvilayaadal Aarambam’s Madura jilla, Manjasela mandakini is catchy time-pass, while Janani and Vijay Yesudas’ Pattucha is dreary and seeped in Manisharma’s Telugu styled structure. Pelican paravaigal is fairly rhythmic and makes for foot tapping listening. Vedi vedi saravedi is a rocking title song, molded along a Vijay intro number, but the pick of the […]

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