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Mani Sharma offers a lovely jazz package in Chali chali! The tune is breezy, and Mani’s singers—Haricharan, Padmalatha and Malavika—do a fantastic job! In Gusa gusa lade, the whispery tune is brilliantly pop’ish, even as it segues into that catchy hook, and the interludes include sitar and harmonium! Both versions, featuring Karthik and Pranavi, and […]

Sunday December 29, 2013 10:42

Ninnindale (Music review), Kannada – Manisharma

Bolo bham bham and Haaru haaru pass by without making any impact – that pointless and jaded in all aspects! Thankfully, Vishal Dadlani turns things around a bit with Don’t care, with Manisharma trying to spruce up his material. It’s in the melodies that the composer scores wondefully! Neenu iruvaaga is lovely, in Karthik and […]

Yerra mirapallo, despite Shankar Mahadevan’s spirited vocals, sounds utterly commonplace. GV Prakash Kumar gets behind the mike in Raa chilaka and his effortless singing does add value to the pleasant tune, with the backgrounds mixing almost world music’ish sounds with native rhythms. Pilla works even better, in Ranjith’s vocals and a catchy melody to go […]

Monday March 12, 2012 16:51

Racha (Music review), Telugu – Mani Sharma

Mani Sharma skilfully tones down the Bappi’ness of Gang Leader’s Vaana vaana in its remix, and maintains a nice blend of Bollywood and Telugu sound. Dillaku dillaku and Oka paadam are shockingly similar to Harris Jayaraj’s material – the former owes it to Anniyan’s Randakka, while the latter, despite the harmonica similarity, holds a lot […]

Friday October 28, 2011 15:44

Solo (Music review), Telugu – Mani Sharma

Almost atom bomb (!) present an interesting dilemma – should we cringe on the lyrics or the overtly familiar tune and musical pieces? Marumallelle la is predictable too, but has a lovely lilt that’s unique to Mani Sharma! Haricharan’s Na prema kathaku has intriguingly catchy pathos, while Singapore (!) is pathetic item material. Puduthune solo […]

Saturday March 26, 2011 16:51

Teenmaar (Music review), Telugu – Mani Sharma

Mani Sharma appropriates the already delightful Chor bazari from the original to create an equally likeable Aale bale! Karunya’s Vayyarala has an intentionally packaged, nice old-worldly charm to it. Chiguru boniya and Barbi bommaki are standard Mani fare; booming, lively orchestration with the tunes going nowhere. Sri Ganga is interesting – mixes the devotional, and […]

Monday February 28, 2011 15:09

Shakti (Music review), Telugu – Mani Sharma

Thaliya thaliya offers the perfect platform for NTR Jr to showcase yet another song with moving-the-shirt-collar-up-and-down dance movement, while Prema desam is just functional regurgitated Mani Sharma melody. Mathileka pichiga fares slightly better – assembly-line Andhra-style ‘cowboy’ music. Between the 2 chants, Mahishasura Mardhini‘s ambient remix works superbly, compared to the filmy and rasping Maha […]

NW1W. After a thoroughly enjoyable Happy Happyga, that is a shocker. I couldn’t find even one song redeeming!

Yeduraiyeh is standard Manisharma material, but works instantly, thanks to Rahul Nambiar and a catchy tune! Navvalante continues the impressive orchestral streak, as Haricharan and Rita work their charm in this lovely melody. With its qawali’sh outlook Aagleka is a decent listen too, while Hemachandra pours his heart out in the tuneful Madhuranubhavama that features […]

Tappatloi seems straight out of Keeravani’s repertoire, and its catchy tune does help. Mauname chebutendi sounds like a nice, retro melody, but it is quite bland for comfort, while Yelelo is a strange mishmash, heading nowhere. Manisharma gets back to his forte in Nee navvey; simple, pleasant rhythms, but very unlike K Vishwanath’s style! Bailele […]

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