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Endukuraa brings back memories of Ilayaraja’s late 80s Tamil numbers that espouse the virtues of alcohol partly because of that laid back rhythm, while Ye nimishamlo, a middling melody, sounds straight out of Manikanth Kadri’s Kannada repertoire. Ippude kannagonna is Karthik’s show all the way – a brilliantly pleasing tune sung fabulously. Anitha’s Thee thee […]

Jagave ninadu is funky and pulsating, while Nenapidu nenapidu is a fantastic Kannada debut for Shruti Hassan; along with Karthik, she does really well in an excellently arranged tune! Kuku kokileyinda is a quintessential Kannada film song – predictably worn-out. Hejjegondu hejje has Manikanth’s stamp written all over – fabulous choice of instruments and a […]

Raising rainbow hardly sounds like Sax (as credited) and has a stark Chinese folk feel to it. Malebille instrumental theme, however, has brilliant sax by Kadri, with excellent background arrangements. With its commercial hip-hop’ish sound, Raghu Dixit’s Sidukabyada panders to the more massy sound, but the composer hits the bulls-eye in the two melodies, Naanu […]

Veerudena has Shreya sounding like a diva, given the scope of this western-tinged melody while in Adigadigo, besides Karthik’s awesome vocals, Manikanth’s backgrounds strikingly soar midway to a grand scale. Maamidi kommaki has an absorbing Andhra folk tune spoilt only by the jarring backgrounds, but the raucous Chindesi chinna pedda is unabashedly massy and thoroughly […]

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