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Jhanak jhanak is a cleverly obvious and catchy take on Pankaj Mullick’s Piya milan ko jana and Puneeth handles it perfectly. Marula is a lovely duet, made better by Soham Chakraborthy and Supriya Lohith’s singing, and that absolutely gorgeous second interlude! Manikanth does an encore with an equally good second interlude in Summane, another lovely […]

Tarikere is standard-issue kuthu, with all the predictable elements in the right mix, including roping in Puneeth Rajkumar to sing it – it’s all familiar and ennui-inducing. Maya jinke is a captivating package – an addictive techno background and an easily likeable tune, well-sung by Santhosh Venki and Anuradha Bhat. Manikanth gets to his real […]

The title song starts off like yet-another club dance number, but gets totally infectitious, thanks to the foot-tapping rhythm and Baba Sehgal’s vocals. Naavaadai is a sweet listen – that persistent viola-like sound stays long after the song is over, even as Chinmayi rocks the vocals! Hello hello has a cool, fresh tune, while Oho […]

The ultra-minimal orchestration in Ninna danigaagi is absolutely tantalizing! Karthik and Hamsika Iyer, and Santhosh Venky and Supriya Lohith – both sets of singers are fantastic in crooning two versions of this possibly Abheri’ish melody. In contrast, Puneeth Rajkumar’s Pipi song is standard, noisy and raucuous kuthu template. Ash King’s Yello mareyaagi is a breezy, […]

Aha mazhaiyum illai makes fantastic use of Maand raaga and along with Haricharan and Hamsika Iyer’s vocals and lilting rhythms makes for a superb listen! Its reprise uses the saxophone to tantalizing effect and uses a more ghazal-like sound with Nikhil Mathew and Saptaparna excelling in the vocals! Needhi or naalum seems like Panthuvarali and […]

Ele elega starts almost abruptly, but is a lilting, 80s Hindi style rhythmic melody, sung really well by Vijay Prakash in the solo; the duet version by Rajesh Krishnan and Aishwarya Majundar, and Aishwarya’s solo version, all add to the song’s appeal. Manikanth leads Don’t worry in an odd voice, but Hemanth, Aishwarya and Shasank […]

Naxalite naanalla is approached and executed much like a massy Telugu track; foot-tapping and instantly likeable due to its simplicity. Ivan yaaro sounds interesting mainly because of Surmukhi’s vocals and the way Manikanth drags and leaves specific phrases on the vocals and music! Priya ninna starts off promisingly enough, much like Alai Paayuthey’s Yaaro, but […]

Evan ivan seems pedestrian as a tune, but the composer’s lovely little nuances make up for that. Laka laka is a decent kuthu, well orchestrated, but Prasanna’s relatively softer lead vocals plays spoilsport. As is norm for any composer in Tamil, Ponga vechom goes native folk with a vengeance, while the title song goes bombastic […]

Benny Dayal is in delightful form in the frothy, reggae’ish Oru rosappoovin; the composer conjures an extremely pleasant tune with just the right pop’ish backgrounds. The choice of singers continues to be extremely good in Neerpalunkumizhi – Vineeth Srinivasan and Swetha – but its simplistic tune pales in front of the far superior Thinkal tholatho, […]

Endukuraa brings back memories of Ilayaraja’s late 80s Tamil numbers that espouse the virtues of alcohol partly because of that laid back rhythm, while Ye nimishamlo, a middling melody, sounds straight out of Manikanth Kadri’s Kannada repertoire. Ippude kannagonna is Karthik’s show all the way – a brilliantly pleasing tune sung fabulously. Anitha’s Thee thee […]

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