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Baba Sehgal and the slow, rhythmic arrangements of Mr. Perfect are enticing, but both get boring very soon. Uppenantha has KK trying his best to salvage a predictable-at-every-turn tune, while Baby he loves you is too tame to even comment. Ringa ringa is foot-tapping, with what one expects from a made-for-front-bencher item number and Kunal […]

Saturday September 12, 2009 21:32

Music review: Ganesh (Telugu – Mickey J Meyer)

That decidedly unimpressive kids’ chorus that opens Karthik’s Chalo chalore perhaps forebodes that Mickey’s latest may just belie the expectations set by his earlier, impressive soundtracks – but the track actually grows up to be quite endearing. Tanemando mirrors a bit too much of the composer’s earlier work, despite sounding pleasant, while the folk’ish Lalla […]

Bangaru kodipetta’s remix is terribly disappointing – it’s a classic case of remixing the wrong way, merely working on the sound and not the soul! Keeravani himself joins Nikitha Nigam in the title song…it’s a typical pompous song straight out of the 90s! Daler Mehndi notwithstanding, Jorsey goes utterly haywire – the composer totally missing […]

The title song, beyond its noisy predisposition, has a sophisticated kuthu feel bordering on Calypso. Chikki mukki is a massy, Pritam’ish song – a catchy track, with a nuanced extra, while Vellaikaari harks back to the Wham era – pleasantly nostalgic 80s pop. Paadhi Kaadhal is wonderful stuff – a mildly mocking track seeped in […]

Bharathiraja’s long-in-the-making Bommallaattam, is one sickeningly boring experience. No, the plot is interesting enough, with a mind-bending twist similar to the one seen in The Crying Game and subsequently, Ace Venture: Pet Detective – this is perfectly acceptable and absorbing. It’s the narrative – the editor goes overboard and retains the most mundane and meaningless […]

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