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Friday October 7, 2016 16:48

Ammani (Music review), Tamil – K

Mukesh’s Life e machaan machaan is heavy on street-style brass sound and effortlessly spouts life lessons that comes only after a ‘quarter’. It even merges into a brassy kuthu eventually, though the other version (called Yama version) hardly has anything different barring a mildly different prelude. Rotora padhayile is straight out of the glorious Sivaji […]

Tuesday September 13, 2016 18:47

Aandavan Kattalai (Music review), Tamil – K

Vaazhkai oru ottagam‘s piano-sturt and gorgeous strings are trademark K. The piano-strut and splendid violins combo strikes even better Imsai rani, with the melody being even more engaging, thanks also to Karthik’s fantastic vocals! Yogi Sekar’s short Elandha pazham is K’s deviously interesting ode to My Favourite Things! Vaadagai veedu addresses everyday existential issues in […]

Para para‘s haunting, distant and hymn-like prelude paves way to the mesmerizing para para hook that is as impactful as a new-age version of the Mahishasura Mardini Stotram, Aigiri Nandini. John Varkey’s orchestration is top-notch! His other song, Chingamaasathile has Anoop Mohandas breathing life into a retro-style melody, but set to a spanking new, ambient […]

Wednesday July 22, 2015 20:43

Kirumi (Music review), Tamil – K

OC soru is a straight-to-the-point and earthy gaana sung by—who else!—Gaana Bala, but the simplistic tune holds gems by lyricist Gnanakaravel, like ‘Nayanthara kooda ninnu, selfie onnu edthukinu, aaya podum scene ellaam viral aagudhu’! Naanal poovaai has a curiously ethereal sound (that becomes even more evident and interesting in the karaoke version!) and K uses […]

Friday March 6, 2015 19:04

Kallappadam (Music review), Tamil – K

Hey nanba is very, very K – a low-key tune made endearing by the choice of instruments, and MLR Karthikeyan’s vocals. Director Mysskin makes a surprising entry in Vellakaara rani, a catchy, retro’ish song that could have been part of any of his films’ lady-dancing-in-yellow-sari songs. Ilango sounds authentic in Kuppannae, a song that treats […]

Friday November 7, 2014 21:23

Kaadu (Music review), Tamil – K

Uchi malai kaadu has an energetic folk outlook, and the interludes makes adept use of world music too; Both versions, by Magizhini Manimaaran, and Vaikom Vijaylakshmi are good. Oororam‘s rustic sound is perfunctory, both versions, by Jayamurthy and Anitha Karthikeyan, while Ettu thikkum has the necessary verve to egg the hero to rebel. The soundtrack […]

Wednesday September 3, 2014 21:04

Mahabalipuram (Music review), Tamil – K

Aathadi yenna solla seems like a dream combination of K’s impeccably beautiful tune-smithing – very Imman’ish too! – and his fetish for violins that he displayed so beautifully in Yudham Sei. K ropes in Imman himself for Usure nee, another haunting melody that he excels in rendering along with Shaktishree. Aanandha thendral has an Ilayaraja’ish […]

Thursday February 14, 2013 20:25

Onbadhula Guru (Music review), Tamil – K

Vaa machi seems straight out of Mysskin’s film, conjuring images of a lady in yellow sari; harmonious kuthu! Vidhavidhamaga is an odd mish-mash of a tune and sounds, while Theera theera is a strange rehash of Anniyan’s Andangakka, which itself sourced the tune from Alibaba and 40 thieves’s Chinnanchiru chitte. Alayadhe summa summa has at […]

Wednesday December 26, 2012 21:24

Annayum Rasoolum (Music review), Malayalam – K

Shahabaz Aman’s simple and heartfelt voice, along with humorously framed lyrics involving ‘cambeni’… all help Kaayalinarike immensely! Kando kando is Andrea’s show, largely, but composer K makes his presence felt too with the minimal, but haunting backgrounds and mysterious tune! K brings the kind of background music he is known for in Tamil, in Vazhivakkil […]

Friday July 20, 2012 21:10

Mugamoodi (Music review), Tamil – K

With help from those hypnotic violins and the backing chorus crooning the song’s title repetitively, Vaayamoodi is a uniquely endearing song. Alaap Raju’s dreamy vocals and Karky’s charming imagination in the lyrics lend considerable charm here. Mysskin is surprisingly in tune in Kudi vaazhthu, a melodious, but dreary ode to getting drunk, while Maayavi‘s background […]

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