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Nikhitha Gandhi’s super stylish vocals prop Beautiful zindagi‘s already funky tune, reminiscent of Lenka’s pop music style; the chorus in the song too adds tremendous value. The short title song is equally cool, Ramy breezing through the vocals admirably well, though it is Radhan’s backgrounds impress the most. Ranjith and Ramy are fantastic in the […]

Saturday January 17, 2015 19:13

Mythri (Music review), Kannada – Ilayaraja

Despite Raja’s effort in the backgrounds, Hudugaatave and Gelavu onde are undone by jaded tunes; there’s only so much the orchestration can salvage. Idu yaava lokavo pulls together better as a pleasant melody, but is out of place from its 90s timeline. Aakaasha meluntu is embarassingly dated on every count. Kailash Kher brings the soundtrack’s […]

Friday January 16, 2015 21:31

Shamitabh (Music review), Hindi – Ilayaraja

It doesn’t matter that Anand Milind had freemixed Ilayaraja’s 1980 Tamil number from the Rajinikanth starrer Johnny, in Angrakshak’s Dil mere udaas hai! The veteran remixes it himself in Sannata, retaining the essence of the tune and getting Shruti to breeze through it, and also add her name along with Sunidhi and Shreya (courtesy Swanand […]

Ennai thedi‘s tune is nice enough, but the archaic arrangements (barring the interludes) and Anitha’s fangled singing kills it. Ditto with Unnai vittu – likeable tune, awkward arrangements and superb interludes! And Chella kili is midding all through, as if Raja’s bad synth form traveled back from time. Ethanai‘s music is deeply affecting; Palani Bharathi’s […]

Intha porapudhan’s lyrics are significantly more appealing – or, tastier – than the simplistic tune. Eeramai eeramai is vintage Raja – an absolutely delectable melody, beautifully sung by Ranjith and Vibhavari, complete with trademark sweeping violin interludes. Therintho theriyamalo too has a lovely tune to engage with, and here the man scores even better with […]

Thursday December 26, 2013 18:00

Oru Oorla (Music review), Tamil – Ilayaraja

Ippadiyum oruthan undu seems massively out of place in the current scheme of things despite how Raja tries – unnecessarily – to prop up the Nila adhu-style tune. Thannanthaniye and Thaaye vanthaaye, in comparison, are relatively unspoilt and the beautifully flowing melodies – that are oh-so-Raja – work easily; thanks also to Haricharan and Raja’s […]

Sunday August 25, 2013 07:49

Megha (Music review), Tamil – Ilayaraja

For an enchanting tune like Mugilo, complete with amazing violins, the choice of Yuvan is heartbreakingly questionable. Yuvan’s voice seems better suited for Chellam konjum, but along with Enna vendum, Raja’s tunes are awkwardly outdated at best. Raja’s anguished cry in Jeevane is incredible, as if he’s singing out to his late wife, propped by […]

Oo la la seems poorly sung like an outdated jamboree, but the Shankarabharanam tune comes out quite beautifully. En poo nenjai has impressive vocals from Rita for the lovely, possibly-Sudhadhanyasi melody, but the orchestration oddly overpowers the flow. There’s a similar problem in En thevathai that has a strikingly lovely tune and brilliant violin interludes, […]

Kallaale senju vacha evokes pleasant memories of Yejaman’s Oru naalum, but that could be because of the Sindhu Bhairavi base. The song is incredibly tuneful, with Hari Charan doing a phenomenal job in the vocals, which comes out really well given its soft, unintrusive backgrounds. For the song’s female version, Priyadarshini seems to be trying […]

The title song, with its synthetic outlook and staid chorus, sounds jaded. Jillumandi fares significantly better – the tune is vintage Raja seduction, but for the modern trappings. Vechaani vayasu, the Telugu remix of Machaana paatheengala, from Raja’s Tamil debut, Annakkili, and Raathiri, Tami-remix (!) of Johnny’s Aasaiya kaathula sound scintillating even today! Nanu neetho‘s […]

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