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The title song is peculiarly addictive – must be that chant-like backgrounds and repetition. Rani tu mera raja and Po po aren’t that lucky -mind-bogglingly templatized and bland. Tu kamaal di kudi is strictly no different, but Vineet Singh’s vocals do make a difference, while Himesh’s best in the soundtrack is the pleasantly semi-classical Bichdann […]

Go Go Govinda is repetitive… and addictive! Mika and Shreya rule the song; Aman Trikha kills the reprise. Don’t worry plays on Dum Maro Dum’s memorable prelude and works as a danc’y tune! Tu hi tu, Himesh’s last song is in his awkward, earlier form; messy modern bhajan. Meet Bros Anjjan’s Mere nishaan, fabulously sung […]

The title song, despite the stupidity in lyrics, is a surprisingly catchy tune; Big B towers over others with his vocals. Jab se dekhi hai has an engaging tune and Mohit does well too, but Himesh pulls the song down with incredibly bland orchestration. Chalao na naino se is nothing but the jhankaar beats version […]

Original review (April 21, 2012): NW1W. Keywords: Himesh Reshammiya, Karishma Kapoor Revised review (April 22, 2012): Tu hi rab takes time to start and even as that painfully outdated tabla starts, only Rahat seems to be helping, since Tulsi Kumar is atrocious. Naina re does have a spark, with a deeply melodic tune, but it […]

The catchy title song is quite likeable! Umrao jaan can make you hate it, like you love it…curiously bizarre and addictive! Hum tum and Yun toh hold gorgeous tunes…so good that you can even overlook Himesh’s below-average vocals! But, despite Mango’s engrossing melody, its brainless lyrics kill it. Sachin Gupta’s Bhool jaaunn is templatized, but […]

The title song is is juvenile and silly, despite some feeble effort with the peppy rhythm. Desi beat is equally bad – banally repetitive! Thankfully, Himesh works hard on the tune of Teri meri; lovely melody, beautifully sung by Rahat and Shreya, even if the arrangements are largely underwhelming. But it is guest-composer Pritam who […]

Kuch to baaki hai, apparently, has Himesh’s pre-contortion vocals, which was mildly more tolerable – this is a fairly enjoyable tune! The title song is entirely stale and outdated, while Tum chain ho seems like a reworking of some classic number and is saved only due to Sonu’s heartfelt singing; Vineet Singh’s unplugged version sounds […]

Aafreen and Sanu guzara zamana sound absolutely stunning…till Himesh starts singing – these could have been truly mesmerizing songs, but for his vocals, straight from the nose. Teriyan meriyan too has a studied, nostalgic and lilting tune – but alas, Himesh sings it. Kajra kajra and Rabba luck barsa should have been released during the […]

Himesh’s new voice in Mann ka radio does sound different; but his actual voice shows up halfway through the droning but addictive song. Three other tracks that make the cut include Rafa dafa – a lilting song with stagey arrangements and a delightful tune; the Kailash Kher – Himesh duet, Damadji, with its charming folk […]

Tuesday August 26, 2008 09:13

Music review: Karzzzz (Hindi, Himesh Reshammiya)

The Karunesh-styled Lut jaaon, the rhythmic Hari Om and the ghazal-like Dhoom tere ishq ki are the only tracks that warrant just a single listen! The wounds from Himesh’s earlier barrage are still fresh and he’s back doing what he does worst – same hooks, groans, aahs and oohs. Add to that, Ek hasina thi […]

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