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Wednesday October 10, 2012 20:19

Thuppaki (Music review), Tamil – Harris Jayaraj

Vijay does well in Google google, a basic, but foot-tapping song where Andrea provides excellent support. Kutti puli koottam sounds straight out of the fag-end of Rahman’s music for pointless Prabhu Deva films – plain embarrassing! Antarctica is amazingly non-descript, regurgitated Harris material. Poi varava is pleasant, but too standard within Harris’ usual template to […]

Rettai kathirae, despite the appallingly templatized tune, offers comfort in familiarity; that it is a pleasant duet sung well by Krish and MK Balaji helps. Naani koni is no different – the enthusiastic vocals make up for the laziness in Harris’ tune-making; interestingly Vijay Prakash sings ‘Naani’, while Shreya sings ‘NaaNi’, as it should be […]

Kaadhal oru butterfly is an endearing mix charming guitar, catchy hook and interludes and a slow, lovely tune – nothing earth shatteringly new here, but what is conjured works very well! Azhage azhage and Akila akila aren’t that lucky – the orchestration and tune reek of excessive familiarity, but the former’s bridge at the end […]

Friday December 23, 2011 16:46

Nanban (Music review), Tamil – Harris Jayaraj

With friendship-friendly lyrics and Krish’s bombastic vocals, Harris builds En frienda pola into a hummable, anthemic song! Heartiley battery re-imagines an already popular catch-phrase into a fresh, catchy track, while the guitar’y, short Endhan kan munney makes for a breezy listen. Irukkaannaa finds Harris recycling his own Vettayaadu Vilayaadu material in a messy package, even […]

Thursday September 22, 2011 20:46

7aum Arivu (Music review), Tamil – Harris Jayaraj

Mun andhi‘s sedate, romantic melody seems perfunctory with usual Harris bells and whistles, while Innum enna thozha is a mighty impactful motivational track with excellent vocals. The much-hyped Chinese song, The Rise of Damo sounds authentic and sweeping, with interesting mix of Dramyen, Ruan (Prakash Hariharan) and Veena (Rajesh Vaidya), besides flute. The rest of […]

Bombay Jayshree and Karthik present Javed Akhtar’s verses beautifully in Chahoon bhi; Harris plays his part with a lovely guitar backdrop. Uyirin Uyire’s third avatar, Khwabon khwabon continues to be a scintillating number – despite borrowing that prominent riff from Rammstein’s Du hast. Main chali reuses Harris’ own Manasa nuvvante (Munna), but spruces it up […]

Saturday December 11, 2010 17:10

Kandaen (Music review), Tamil – Vijay Ebenezer

Enge en idhayam, Aa haa and Narmada are fabulously breezy and pleasant, with a more-than-obvious smattering of Harris’ style. Ninaivugal and Yaavarukkum thalaivan evoke some of Vijay’s Tamil Christian musical pieces; Devan and Chinmayi make both tracks eminently listenable, however; the imaginative arrangements in the latter, in particular, are delightful. Cassanova is a short keyboard-loaded […]

The title song is built like Eric Clapton’s beautiful ballad, Wonderful Tonight, but it is more in the feel/genre. The song on its own is amazing, with Aalaap Raju’s touching vocals and carefully assembled, enchanting arrangements. Naresh Iyer rocks through Thee illai, a song reminiscent of some random track from Minnale, but in slow motion, […]

Tuesday October 26, 2010 13:27

Orange (Music review), Telugu – Harris Jayaraj

Oola olala moves predictably, but it’s overriding pleasantness, thanks largely to Karunya’s infectious vocals, helps. Karthik and Naresh Iyer breeze through Chilipiga and Nenu nuvvantu; good old tune-smithing by Harris – gorgeous melodies with simple, nuanced arrangements in both, particularly the latter. Vijay Prakash sounds like Devi Sri Prasad in the joyous Hello ramante – […]

Forget Surya looking like a million bucks – he actually looks like Gautam Menon; that is how self-indulgent this movie gets. The ode-to-everyday-dad is about the son and the Dad that we never really come to know or relate to, barring his endless smoking and deep love for his wife, Simran. It’s strange that the […]

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