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Tuesday December 8, 2015 19:06

Charlie (Music review), Malayalam – Gopi Sundar

In Akale, Gopi pitches in with what seems like music from Africa and Malgudi Shubha delivers it brilliantly like only she can, with some beautiful nuances that seems to mix a deeply Indian tune with a foreign (African) style – fantastic world music package. There’s more world music goodness in Pularikalo, but this time, with […]

With its easy-on-the-ears catchy lilt, Chenthengin could easily be mistaken for something by Vidyasagar. But get to the interludes and Gopi’s familiar and identifiable quasi-Middle Eastern sound makes its presence felt. Najeem Arshad, sounding a lot like Karthik, does a commendable job. In Thanne thanne, the highlight kicks in when Abhaya Hiranmayi pitches in, to […]

Thursday November 19, 2015 18:29

Anjala (Music review), Tamil – Gopi Sundar

Deva brings his usual style of delivery for the Tea anthem, Tea podu, that is otherwise sans anything special. Nakkalu maama is a multiple-personality folk and kuthu number that frequently changes rhythm to interesting effect. Kanjaadai is the soundtrack’s best – a scintillating folk’ish melody that gets the best out of V.V.Prasanna and Vandana Srinivasan […]

Motta modatisari comes alive as much in Sachin Warrier’s evocative vocals as it does in the way Gopi imagines the gorgeous tune and layers it with simple and pleasant sounds, with a lovely children’s chorus and a nice Punjabi’ish finish! Hello hello is racy, in comparison, but the tune continues to be wonderfully pleasant – […]

Sithara sounds severely labored singing Nanayumee mazha; it’s only Gopi’s gorgeous interludes and reasonably pleasant tune that holds it together. Rathri mulla than is more like good old Gopi – a whispery ghazal beautifully sung by Najeem Arshad and Radhika Narayanan. Meharuba‘s male and female versions are completely contrasting – Preethi Bulla’s female version has […]

Choolamittu is incredibly pleasant – a simple, instantly likeable tune that is so Gopi! Divya S Menon and Vijay Yesudas are dependably good, singing it. In Ezhazhakulla, Gopi does a noisy remake of Keeravani’s earthy original, Telugammayi, from the film’s original, Maryada Ramanna. Even for Manushya hridayam, Gopi uses Keeravani’s Arerare as the base, led […]

Choti jindagi‘s rock sound is punchy and Hiranmayi’s child-woman vocals seems very apt for the racy tune, particularly for the main hook. Haricharan is equally good in the faux-qawali Varinche prema – Gopi’s tune is highly melodious, the repetitive chorus is addictively catchy, and the use of violins is especially good. Veteran Chitra, and Aaishwarya […]

The title song has a wonderfully likeable, hush’y tune! Gopi’s own vocals goes really well with the male version, while Pavithra Menon goes aggressively fangled in the female version. Minmini’s Kanmaniye is soft, simple and serene – the waltz wafts beautifully! Manjupeyume is no different – almost whispery, endearing melody, brilliantly delivered by Najim Arshad, […]

Aethu kari raavilum is incredibly pleasant, thanks to its Hindustani base and a thoroughly engaging melody. Ente kannil is gorgeous, with Nazriya springing a pleasant surprise carrying the guitar-led tune confidently. That feeling does change when one hears that the tune is lifted off Carla Bruni’s Quelqu’un m’a dit, though. Siddharth Menon is very good […]

Odum unakkithu is powered by Anna Katharina’s racy vocals and pulsating mod kuthu percussion that Gopi cleverly employs. Mukesh is in his elements with the spirited and superbly catchy Yemathitta, while Puthu paarvai is an incredibly pleasant melody featuring lovely vocals by Haricharan and Priya Hemesh. Gopi takes on Uyire Uyiril and aces the slow, […]

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