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Monday September 5, 2016 11:48

Majnu (Music review), Telugu – Gopi Sundar

The second Suchit Suresan finishes the first 2 lines in Kallumoosi, Gopi adds a very short burst of violins, and that is precisely the Gopi trademark! The melody is spritely and instantly likeable and Suchit’s rendition makes it all the more better. The possible Charukesi strain in Oorikey ala is tantalizingly beautiful, even as Gopi […]

Saturday February 27, 2016 12:14

Thozha (Music review), Tamil – Gopi Sundar

Baby odathe is flamboyant, with fantastic a horns section, handled enthusiastically by Shankar Mahadevan. Puthitha is Karthik’s show and Gopi’s ebullient tune surprises with solo violin and chorus hooks. Eiffel mele is even more appealing; Ranjith and Suchitra are fantastic! Vijay Prakash rocks Enadhuyire‘s 80’s pop ballad sound, while the title song is just about […]

Uyiril‘s ethereal tune rides on Chinmayi’s indulgent vocals, set to a serene guitar-backed sound. She also rules over the breezy Kaathu kidandha, punctuated by Gopi’s trademark chorus. Kadhal kolluthadi‘s enchanting melody invokes Ilayaraja’s Sumam prati sumam*, and Gopi orchestrates it beautifully. Punjiriyo mixes the Malayalam sound to Tamil cleverly, while Adada, while being perfectly melodious, […]

Naan maatti konden is light and frothy, with every familiar sound associated with Gopi. The ode to Bangalore gets a slightly different treatment in Ranjith’s Paraparapa, with less of Bryan Adams, thankfully. Aaga motham ennai shuns Thumbi penne’s reggae-base, but continues to be a punchy ballad, in Gopi’s own vocals. En vizhiyin kanavu is the […]

Saturday January 23, 2016 07:34

Ma Chu Ka (Music review), Malayalam – Gopi Sundar

Najim Arshad continues to sound uncannily like Karthik in Maanasam, a nursery rhyme like Christmas song that’s easy on the ears. Gopi handles Paanbum koneem‘s simple pop melody easily; it’s all familiar, predictable and pleasant. The soundtrack’s easy pick is Neeyen sayahna swapnathil that Gopi picks up again to sing it himself. It’s the kind […]

Seethamalakshmi has the perfect tempo for the easily likeable tune from Gopi, with his trademark violins. Yazin Nizar’s singing is effortless, particularly in the higher pitches, even adding a nice twang to the end of Seethamalaksh’mey’! Tarajuvvaki is energetic and pulsating, with the necessary amount of Hindi as prescribed in Telugu film songs and a […]

Tuesday December 8, 2015 19:06

Charlie (Music review), Malayalam – Gopi Sundar

In Akale, Gopi pitches in with what seems like music from Africa and Malgudi Shubha delivers it brilliantly like only she can, with some beautiful nuances that seems to mix a deeply Indian tune with a foreign (African) style – fantastic world music package. There’s more world music goodness in Pularikalo, but this time, with […]

With its easy-on-the-ears catchy lilt, Chenthengin could easily be mistaken for something by Vidyasagar. But get to the interludes and Gopi’s familiar and identifiable quasi-Middle Eastern sound makes its presence felt. Najeem Arshad, sounding a lot like Karthik, does a commendable job. In Thanne thanne, the highlight kicks in when Abhaya Hiranmayi pitches in, to […]

Thursday November 19, 2015 18:29

Anjala (Music review), Tamil – Gopi Sundar

Deva brings his usual style of delivery for the Tea anthem, Tea podu, that is otherwise sans anything special. Nakkalu maama is a multiple-personality folk and kuthu number that frequently changes rhythm to interesting effect. Kanjaadai is the soundtrack’s best – a scintillating folk’ish melody that gets the best out of V.V.Prasanna and Vandana Srinivasan […]

Motta modatisari comes alive as much in Sachin Warrier’s evocative vocals as it does in the way Gopi imagines the gorgeous tune and layers it with simple and pleasant sounds, with a lovely children’s chorus and a nice Punjabi’ish finish! Hello hello is racy, in comparison, but the tune continues to be wonderfully pleasant – […]

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