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There is a strong undercurrent of interest in immortality all through Uttama Villain, as if Kamal Haasan wants to ensure that at least his body of work remains immortal. It starts with the magnificiently mounted Iranian naadagam, where Hiranyakashipu assumes he is immortal, till Vishnu finds a loophole. The song comes out better in the […]

Saridhaana has so much going for it – an instantly likeable tune, hyper-excited scatting, fantastic vocals by Yazin Nizar and Thomson Andrews, the tantalizing reduction in sound before the first interlude after which the guitars and nadaswaram perform magic, and intriguing lyrics by Karky with existential questioning on the friend’s lady love… amazing expereince! Edhedho […]

Faintly evoking a combination of Ghibran’s limited earlier songs, Bujjimma is instantly familiar, but in Gold Devaraj’s vocals, it is also a catchy listen. The arrangements, starting with a lone thavil, traverses through the usual Ghibran complexity, including a hint of 8-bit sounds that he used earlier in Naiyyandi. Coma coma is loaded with techno […]

The two Islamic religious songs – Khwaja ji and the unlisted (in the CD) Zikr – are handled with a Rahman-level piety, but without compromising on commercial viability, with a deep, sonorous sound. Chillendra chillendra extends that quasi-religious/sufi sound in a decidedly more commercial template rather well, peppered with occasional Hindi words. Ghibran-regular Sundar Narayana […]

Saturday September 21, 2013 08:09

Naiyaandi (Music review), Tamil – Ghibran

Teddy bear‘s arcade games sound, with that mind-bogglingly curious tune that eventually goes zany, mixing kuthu and more 8-bit sounds, is a brave experiment! Ae le le, barring Leon D’Souza’s garbled Tamil (backed by Sundar Narayana Rao, where it matters the most!), is similar in tone to Ghibran’s Kuru kuru (Vathikuchi) and is a thoroughly […]

Aruvaakkaaraa is enchanting! Padmalatha rules over the mesmerizing melody, ably supported by Kaushiki Chakrabarty, Vairamuthu’s charming lyrics and Bonnie Chakraborty’s sudden Bengali infusion! Gold Devaraj and Samar Kalaikkuzhu are in superb form in the punchy Kaathu kaathu! Incredibly catchy tune, with really imaginative percussion. Sundar Narayana Rao gets the best written song of the soundtrack […]

Wednesday February 13, 2013 20:48

Vathikuchi (Music review), Tamil – Ghibran

Kuru kuru has a brilliant violin base that makes it seem so much like a song from composer K! But, as the song gathers steam, Ghibran leaves his stamp mighty well, particularly in the sprawling interludes and the unusual tunes changes in the anupallavi, helped generously by Sundar Narayana Rao’s fresh, confident vocals! Amma Wake […]

Anitha’s vocals on Senga soola kaara is highly reminiscent of Nityashree Mahadevan’s range; along with getting the vocals right, debutant Ghibran also gets fabulous support from Vairamuthu who pens lyrics that evoke helpless predicament so evocatively in that impactful tune! Neha Bhasin turns in a shockingly pleasant surprise in Poraney poraney; she sings against her […]

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