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In the thematic instrumental, Ghibran’s beautifully woven strings and flute combo is reminiscent of Ilayaraja’s. Banupriya’s (Karu karunnu), Oorvashi’s (Carratu Pottazhagaa) and Saranya’s (Time Passukkosaram) songs are short, but highly rhythmic and appealing. Chennai Qawwali Kids’ vocal harmony in Bullet Song is impressive, on a middling Mast Qalandar recreation. Karthi does quite well in the […]

Monday April 17, 2017 18:50

Maayavan (Music review), Tamil – Ghibran

Mella mella has all the hallmark of a Ghibran song – multi-layered orchestration, excellent vocal harmonies that beautifully lift the anupallavi and interludes and a saccharine-sweet melody perfectly handled by Shwetha Subram and Abishek. Bodhai poo raises the bar significantly further with its exotic instrumental mix and a fabulously rhythmic hook that Sharanya Gopinath renders […]

Wednesday January 18, 2017 20:37

Adhe Kangal (Music review), Tamil – Ghibran

Idho thaanaagave sees Ghibran go hard-rock with a vengeance, almost like a sitar-infused Blaze of Glory (Bon Jovi) even as Yazin Nizar rocks the high-powered rendition! Its variant, I Have Nothing is a slow-burner R&B that’s foot-tapping, complete with Jah Hill’s gibberish verses.Ponapokkil has an elfin charm, and even segues into an unusually retro anupallavi […]

Monday September 26, 2016 19:21

Hyper (Music review), Telugu – Ghibran

Anudeep and Yazin try their best singing the utterly predictable Come back, while Ghibran has a nice surprise in the anupallavi’s tune! Baby doll too has lot of catchy sounds, but the tune is pedestrian. Ompula dhaniya is the pits – with a groan-inducing bum chiki bum chorus. But Ghibran does throw a surprise in […]

Vaadi vaadi is Ghibran’s pulsating ode to classic rock, though Rajan Chelliah’s Tamil diction is considerably fangled. Texas pogiren takes things a notch higher! The singer, ‘Narrow Smith’ apes the high-pitched heavy-metal vocal style and sounds insanely innovative since he is singing in Tamil, including, ‘Aaathaaa, Maariaatha kaapaathu’, while making a child cry inconsolably! In […]

Tuesday June 23, 2015 19:14

Papanasam (Music review), Tamil – Ghibran

Yeya en kottikkaaraa has an easily appealing tune harking back to Kutti Puli’s Aruvaakkaara. Ghibran’s musical layering is impeccable, and Sundar Narayana Rao seems to be vocalizing Kamal Haasan’s voice mannerisms! Hariharan breezes through the deeply contemplative, possibly-Charukesi’ish Vinaa, even as Ghibran loads it with flourishing, ominous orchestration. Of the instrumental pieces by Sofia Session […]

Thursday March 12, 2015 21:21

Jil (Music review), Telugu – Ghibran

Man on fire has a fully loaded rock sound, but despite Bianca Gomes’ impressive vocals, the tune is commonplace. Shalmali is scintillating in Jil jil jil; the tune too traverses through assorted melodic phases and the overall effect is fantastic. Swing swing‘s EDM sound is alluring, no doubt, but is predictable too. Yemayindhi vela is […]

There is a strong undercurrent of interest in immortality all through Uttama Villain, as if Kamal Haasan wants to ensure that at least his body of work remains immortal. It starts with the magnificiently mounted Iranian naadagam, where Hiranyakashipu assumes he is immortal, till Vishnu finds a loophole. The song comes out better in the […]

Saridhaana has so much going for it – an instantly likeable tune, hyper-excited scatting, fantastic vocals by Yazin Nizar and Thomson Andrews, the tantalizing reduction in sound before the first interlude after which the guitars and nadaswaram perform magic, and intriguing lyrics by Karky with existential questioning on the friend’s lady love… amazing expereince! Edhedho […]

Faintly evoking a combination of Ghibran’s limited earlier songs, Bujjimma is instantly familiar, but in Gold Devaraj’s vocals, it is also a catchy listen. The arrangements, starting with a lone thavil, traverses through the usual Ghibran complexity, including a hint of 8-bit sounds that he used earlier in Naiyyandi. Coma coma is loaded with techno […]

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