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Duniyaavin seems like Bijibal’s quasi-homage to The Doors, with its energetic and macho guitaring (laidback Roadhouse Blues!)! Bijibal sings it confidently, the song gaining more hardcore rock elements beautifully. Halaakinte avalumkanji is more rock, riding as much on Benny Dayal’s flamboyant vocal range as it does on Bijibal’s delightfully imaginative orchestral turns, particularly in the […]

Omal kanmani is puncutuated with a lot of pauses and they all considerably add to the song’s charm, beyond the simple, pleasant tune and Sachin Warrier and Sangeetha Sreekanth’s vocals. The rhythm variations in the anupallavi too are interesting. Pathiye novayi rides on Najim Irshad’s singing, with the guitar-led tune traversing through a complex tune. […]

Njanoru Malayali flows beautifully, owing to its possible source of either Saama or Arabhi raga. Jayachandran is a fantastic choice to sing this very-Malayali song with the perfect ethos captured in its tune and orchestration. Varikomale is an engaging tune too (with 3 versions, at that!), and between Najeem Arshad and Gayathri Asokan, the melody […]

Saturday March 21, 2015 19:03

Nellikka (Music review), Malayalam – Bijibal

Chirakurummi is an interesting concoction; Aparna Rajeev starts off in a different tune even as Najim Arshad picks it up and moves into a beautiful, possibly Vasantha-raaga base. Noore ilahi is a surprisingly old-school qawali, with the usual catchy hooks. The Abhogi’ish (Bagesri?) Swapnachirakil is a wonderfully pleasant melody, typical of the raga base, and […]

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