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Manjaniyum has the same enthusiasm and liveliness of Mullavalliyum Thenmaavum’s Dhumthanakkadi, besides a similarly upbeat percussion. The children who sing it—Bijibal’s son Devdutt and Sreya Jayadeep—completely own the infectious rendition. Alanjoriyana‘s gentle and lilting melody is thoroughly endearing too and Bijibal’s own singing has a rawness that makes it all the likeable. Bijibal’s trademark old-world […]

The pleasant Aaradyam would make Ilayaraja proud! Bijibal gets Vishnu Kurup and Shilpa Raju to sing a delightful duet where every line takes on interestingly unusual forks, backed by lovely violin and flute led interludes. Orayiram flows beautifully amidst sounds of a road trip, riding on Najim Arshad’s fantastic singing. Chuvadukal‘s generic energetic and background’ish […]

Bijibal ropes Oorali Band for Nottam; the song’s guitar base is vibrant but though the vocals go haywire. Martin’s short solo, Thummaru thu sounds like an incidental addition. Ikkaliveettil‘s delightfully pleasant melody gains immensely from Jayachandran’s vocals and Bijibal’s perky rhythm and the pallavi’s beautifully folk’ish and complex flow! The repetitive instrumental phrase in Kooduthurannu […]

Maangappoolu is trademark-Bijibal; gentle, retro-sounding melody with quaint strings. Bijibal turns things on its head with Kada thala kola; funky folk percussion on top of an energetic tune sung by Sannidanandhan. Oruthari aasha‘s inventive fusion mixes classical music with pulsating rock, but it borders on parody. Thrissooru‘s spritely sound is, at best, medley’ish and Venne […]

There’s a dollop of Abhogi raaga in Ozhukiyozhuki that makes it so accessible and incredibly pleasant! Add to it, Haricharan and Shweta Mohan’s tantalizing vocals and Bijibal’s lovely flute and strings-based interludes… this is an instant winner. Chirakukalaayi, led by Arun Alat, riffs off Ozhukiyozhuki in an interesting way, invoking the basic melody as an […]

In a gentle ‘go smell the roses’ push, Shreya Ghoshal asks in Akale oru, in beautiful Malayalam and even better singing if we can please smell the flower in the middle of the forest and if it ain’t the best thing in the world. Bijibal’s melody is so convincing that you head to any nearby […]

Onnurangi‘s frothy melody is Bijibal’s trademark, particularly that complex anupallavi, and of course, the interludes and backgrounds. Lovely listen, thanks also to Vineeth Srinivasan’s fantastic singing. The sweeping melody extends to Paripparakkum kili too, with a thoroughly enjoyable waltz’y backdrop and especially fantastic interludes, besides brilliant vocals by Sangeetha Sreekanth. Bijibal produces a funky kuthu […]

Saturday November 26, 2016 17:19

Ore Mukham (Music review), Malayalam – Bijibal

Madhu Balakrishnan seems to be the perfect Yesudas-alternative for the whiff of retro in Aarum – the singer evokes so much of yesteryears’ melodic coolth, backed by Bijibal’s engagingly complex tune and gorgeous strings. The title song has a completely different sound, one that is thankfully short, but also aptly background’ish. The soundtrack ends on […]

Idukki should ideally be adopted by Kerala Tourism and actually mandates a music video with English subtitles! Rafeeq Ahammed’s lines and Bijibal’s serene music brings forth Idukki region’s beauty lyrically and musically. Theliveyil is a pleasant, and fairly inventive combination of waltz and ghazal, sung well by Sudeep Kumar and Sangeetha. Bijibal punctuates Mounangal‘s likeable, […]

Bijibal gets both the Mappila paattu style songs wonderfully—and rhythmically, obviously—right. Alphons Joseph’s vocals add a distinctive touch to Maanaanivalude, while Meghamani, though sounding rather familiar and templatized, is foot-tapping nonetheless, with fantastic singing by Najeem Arshad. Vineeth Sreenivasan and Sangeetha Sreekanth make the Malayali-Punjabi sound of Ullathu chonnaal a lot more tolerable. Olivile kalikal […]

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