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Monday March 30, 2009 21:00

Music review: Billa (Telugu – Mani Sharma)

Hariloranga hari is complete masala mix – catchy arrangements, Mika-styled rap elements and a surprising devotional piece right in the middle! Ellora silpaani is groovy, with spirited vocals by Rita, much like the equally foot-tapping Bommali, with Malvika and Hemchandra’s trendy singing. Ney patasu has some inspired interludes but the tune is strictly average and […]

Baagunde and Enduko are predictable, but sweet melodies with the expected lilt, while Merupula is surprisingly very South Indian, right from the rhythms to the way the twisted, flowing tune links with the next line. Valla valla is more like the duo’s music – addictive rap interludes and punchy hooks. Nahi chodunga works thanks to […]

Yetu podam cheppamma is functional with excellent vocals by Naveen, albeit a tad monotonous. Karunya’s Andhamaina kalala and Gundelo illindi bring back memories of songs of the 60s/ 70s and are heartwarmingly simple and lilting. Nuvvu konchem is routine but Tippu and Sujatha’s Rangu rangu vaana seems to be made for Ravi Teja – spunky […]

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