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Sanjeev Darshan pitch in with a strong Chhil gaye naina with the right amount of grunge in it. Mohit Chauhan, Shilpa Rao and Arijit adorn Le chal in 3 versions, a languorous composition by Bann Chakraborty that’s wonderfully lounge’ish, but it’s the fourth, differentiated variant, Khoney de, featuring Mohit and Neeti that tops all! Composers […]

Rahul Nambiar confidently powers the catchy Yaaradi mohini, while Haricharan does the honors equally well in the pleasant Oru paadhi kadhavu that reminiscences Rahman’s En kaadhale. Alyssa and Marie’s Will you be there is gorgeously tuned pop, while Uyirin uyire, with fantastic vocals by Saindhavi, unnecessarily reuses Pookkal pookum’s overall style. Anicham poovazhagi is an […]

Vikram sounds great in Kadha solla even though the pointless ‘story’ should appeal only to kids. His other song, Pa pa is bolstered largely by GVP’s foot-tapping arrangements while Vikram himself sounds annoying. Saindhavi rocks the dreamy, whispery melody in Vizhigalil oru vaanavil. Life is Beautiful makes a Yuvan-like celtic pitch, while Jagada thom, despite […]

Silambarasan mauls Tamil cinema lyrics like never before, in Evan di unna; the song itself is catchy enough with an overdose of the fart-like sound Yuvan loves. Yuvan goes off-key in the title song, but his tune and orchestration completely save it! Cable raja and No money are so obviously focused on the feet; they […]

Tuesday November 30, 2010 15:52

Ragada (Music review), Telugu – Thaman S

The snazzy, racy arrangements of Meesamunna manmadhuda produce an illusion of it being good, but the tune is pedestrian. Shirisha is a considerably better bet – massy melody and great vocals by Hariharan and Srivardhini, while Bolo Ashtalakshmi is cleverly built on its catchy hook and foot-tapping orchestrations. Okkadante‘s all-woman show is banal, much like […]

Sada siva starts the soundtrack nicely – a simple, hummable tune backed by ambient, world music’ish backgrounds. Ranjith aces Taxi, an underground’ish track with groovy sounds, while Sunday Monday‘s highlight is the retro touch added occasionally; the tune is definitely not. That applies to Makathika and Bhoom shakana too – work solely for their orchestration […]

Cmon cmon has a sparse, pleasant tune and is skillfully orchestrated, while Ishq hai yeh gets better, in Mickey J Meyer style, except for those cringe-inducing chorus in Hindi. Composer Bobo Shashi sounds like Rahman in Kanneere, even though his tune is as enticing as Yuvan’s! Karthik and Chinmayi are in excellent form in Manase […]

Wednesday May 12, 2010 19:56

Vedam (Music review), Telugu – MM Keeravani

The angst-ridden Now or never works brilliantly with its booming sound and remarkable guitar accompaniments, while the very folk’ish and stage-song like Egiripote enta baguntundhi is singer Sunita’s show all the way. The composer adds his rustic touch in between, while his nuanced and intentionally minimal orchestration lends authenticity where it is needed most – […]

Everything about En idhayam is mundane – that sedate rhythm and archaic tune; if it still works, it is only because of Suchitra’s hypnotic vocals, ably supported by Tipu. Devi appropriately re-purposes his Telugu-style compositions for Baba Sehgal’s Kadhal vandhale and the sheer catchiness of it carries it through, while the steam completely runs out […]

Wednesday September 23, 2009 21:54

Music review: Vettaikkaran (Tamil – Vijay Antony)

Puli urumudhu, that eulogizes Vijay’s animal-like power, is loud and mundane, with a staid rhythm. Oru chinna thamarai, however, works beautifully as a catchy, well-orchestrated track, with its melody intact; like Karigalan, another power duet, which has a lilting folk tune and some hip native embellishments by Vijay Antony. Naan adicha is literally an assault […]

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