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Wednesday May 14, 2014 20:15

Manam (Music review), Telugu – Anup Rubens

Piyo piyo re is perfectly foot-tapping, with a catchy hook. Arijit Singh rules Telugu too, after conquering Hindi, with Kanulanu thaake – Anup hands him an excellent melody tailor-made for his voice. Chinni chinni aasalu has a strong Hindi whiff, and the pleasant tune works easily, spearheaded by Ashwin’s fabulous vocals. Haricharan’s sonorous voice makes […]

Time entaraa is good ol’ Devi Sri Prasad material, repackaged by Anup; also sung in similar style. Mancheli is where Anup marks his territory, improvising considerably over familiar Devi template to deliver a very listenable track and singing it particularly well. Autonagar Brahmi is fun while it lasts, invoking Brahmanandam in the mix. Ayudham, with […]

Saturday January 11, 2014 17:02

Heart Attack (Music review), Telugu – Anup Rubens

Nuvvante naaku is wonderfully pulsating, with captivating music, including a sly, obvious nod to Rahman! Anup adorns the lovely melody of Thuhi hai too with extra music, and it works well! Ra ra vastava is Chaitra’s show – smashing rendtion of a showy tune! She sounds equally good in the absorbing pathos of Selvanuko too! […]

Tuesday March 20, 2012 11:29

Lovely (Music review), Telugu – Anup Rubens

Dolare dola could have been something that even Devi Sri Prasad composes in his sleep, while Chori choriye offers mild solace with its lilt. Anup sings Ninnu chusina, a soft, rock’ish track that is strangely addictive despite the tedium in the tune. Chaitra’s I Don’t Know is pretentious, with fake accent English, but its Telugu […]

Lachhamma has a coarse, street-smart tone to it – curiously catchy! O priya priya is tuneful, but is also a very standard melody; Adnan’s vocals do help and so does the heroine, Nithya Menon’s! Chinnadhana, the last of the three songs by Anup Rubens, is his best in the soundtrack – simple, rhythmic and addictive […]

The title song may not be entirely fresh, but even in that typical Mani Sharma-package, Anup gets the Poola rangadu hook brilliantly right – it is thoroughly addictive. Okkade okkade and Chocklate, despite Raja Hasan and Udit Narayan’s super enthu vocals, respectively, are way too familiar and standard to make an impact. The two melodies […]

The composer confidently croons the lounge’ish, hep track, Yeh kaali kaali and even adorns it with some pretty cool orchestration while he seems equally comfortable in the pleasant duet, Emaiuntundi, with Sahithi. Bhargavi sounds uncomfortable and almost like a constipated version of Sandeep Chowta’s favorite, Anushka, in the retro-styled Gicchi gicchi. The retro feel continues […]

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