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Sunday October 16, 2016 17:11

ISM (Music review), Telugu – Anup Rubens

Anup makes a punchy use of Western (popularly known as cowboy music!) music in Kanulu navainaa, while also inserting classic Indian elements like that violin! Jubin Nautiyal and Mohana Bhagaraju are perfectly adept with the singing. Yey yey mixes Telugu folk with more elements to excellent, foot-tapping effect, topped by the catchy hook, while Podaade […]

Round and round has a rousing tune and an even more rousing and thumping rhythm. Anuraag Kulkarni and the uncredited chorus handle it mighty well. Joomega is even better! The instantly catchy song sounds like a classic Latino-infused Ricky Martin pop song, with Bond-style (the string quartet, not the Brit spy), with excellent, spritely vocals […]

Despite borrowing its hook from a phrase in A R Rahman’s Rhythm number, Kaatre en vaasal, Dikka dikka dum dum is high on energy and fun! Shreya Ghoshal lends her incredibly pleasant voice to elevate Nee navve, even as Anup keeps the proceedings light and likeable. Vasthane‘s simple and lively lilt makes it a good […]

Wednesday September 30, 2015 20:36

Akhil (Music review), Telugu – Anup Rubens & Thaman S

Nennekkadunte‘s is high-energy and stadium-rock style sound makes the cut, though, at points, Anoop seems to be overdoing the choice of his sounds just as a show-off. The grand, anthemic sound continues in Hey Akhil and Zara zara navvaradhe too, and given their likeable core melody and captivating chorus hooks, they work even better. Akkineni […]

Maya O Maya has a catchy, but very filmy sound. The composer in Karthik keeps it simple, with a spring-in-the-step sound, while the singer in him delivers it in his breezy style. Bangaramma too is extremely easy-on-the-ears – a sing-along’ish frothy tune that he leads once again with his vocals. It’s in Mandu mandu that […]

Oh priya priya is text-book example of simple, frothy pop. In Once upon a time, Anup imports his Telugu-style catchy kuthu, with Mukesh doing this usual to bring it to life. Devadhai paarkiraal, by Aravind-Shankar, too is Telugu-style melody, though the tune borders on S A Rajkumar’s typically much-derided saccharine-sweetness. Tamil gets chewed by Javed […]

Ori devudaa‘s languorous tune is actually quite engaging, thanks also to Anup’s own involved singing. In Janaki Janaki, Anup makes good use of a bombastic brass sound, while Pyar bina too carries a steady, thumping rhythm that is instantly catchy, over and above Raja Hasan’s vocals. Po po po, oddly enough, only starts exactly like […]

Thursday January 29, 2015 20:47

Temper (Music review), Telugu – Anup Rubens

Choolenge aasma‘s lilt is bang on target – groovy and Adnan in his usual impeccable form. The title song is good fun too, loading on the rhythm to impressive effect, while Devudaa, despite labored singing by Anup and Puri Jagannath (!), at least has a few absorbing hooks. One more time‘s faux-classical touch is consistently […]

Wednesday May 14, 2014 20:15

Manam (Music review), Telugu – Anup Rubens

Piyo piyo re is perfectly foot-tapping, with a catchy hook. Arijit Singh rules Telugu too, after conquering Hindi, with Kanulanu thaake – Anup hands him an excellent melody tailor-made for his voice. Chinni chinni aasalu has a strong Hindi whiff, and the pleasant tune works easily, spearheaded by Ashwin’s fabulous vocals. Haricharan’s sonorous voice makes […]

Time entaraa is good ol’ Devi Sri Prasad material, repackaged by Anup; also sung in similar style. Mancheli is where Anup marks his territory, improvising considerably over familiar Devi template to deliver a very listenable track and singing it particularly well. Autonagar Brahmi is fun while it lasts, invoking Brahmanandam in the mix. Ayudham, with […]

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