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Wednesday July 23, 2008 06:57

Maan Gaye Mughall-E-Azam (Hindi, Anu Malik)

The title song is beyond mere blasphemy, since it ventures into completely incoherent cacophony, dragging with it a memorable line that we Indians hold dear! Anu shows flashes of his yesteryear sound in Marmari baahein, but the updated tune and strained vocals by Kunal Ganjawala and Mahalakshmi Iyer do no good, while the quasi qawali-ghazal, […]

Saturday June 28, 2008 21:20

Good Luck (Hindi, Anu Malik)

Anu Malik not only has Sukhwinder contorting his overused vocals but also wastes Shilpa Rao in the pathetic Main sajda. The title song is even worse – Adnan sounding as uninterested as he can. Krishna’s Soniya aaja ni takes the album further down – one tedious experience! Thankfully, the album is nearly saved by the […]

Thursday June 19, 2008 21:09

Ugly Aur Pagli (Hindi, Anu Malik)

Talli is a sad attempt at aping the Pritam sound, while Karle gunah’s Punjabi reggaeton is best left alone to Anu himself. Yeh nazar, with its 80s pop style is the only track that’s reasonably listenable but the confused Latino mix in Shut up, clubbed with age-old Dr.Alban rhythms is painful – Anu’s own singing […]

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