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Thursday October 18, 2012 21:36

Talaash (Music review), Hindi – Ram Sampath

It could be Suman Sridhar. Or it is perhaps the fairly generic attempt to work within the Mikey McCleary Bartender Mix format, but Muskaanein jhooti hai works seductively well with its retro tune laid out in the bluesy base! Suman Sridhar, of course, weaves magic with her vocals. In Jee le zaraa, Ram puts Vishal […]

Beyond the cleverly unparliamentary premise, Bhaag D.K. Bose also has attitude-loaded lyrics by Amitabh Bhattacharya and a highly energetic guitar-backed arrangement, both of which make this manic track thoroughly endearing! Nakkaddwaley disco sees Keerthi Sagathia doing a Nusrat, but with hilarious sentences; this one’s almost like one of Nusrat’s international fusion projects…just that this is […]

In true Indian Ocean tradition, the live version of Des mera manages to capture the band’s inimitable energy better than the re-adapted, recorded version! The band’s other contribution, Zindagi se is a fantastic combination of Pakistani poet N M Rashid’s lyrics and some scintillating music. Ram Sampath’s Raghubir Yadav-sung Mehngai dayain is no different – […]

Monday January 11, 2010 22:13

3 Idiots is not idiot-proof

Aseem Chhabra has already spoken at length about the ‘feel good’ factor of 3 Idiots. And, many, many people have done more than adequate reviews of the film so I don’t have to reinvent the wheel here. But, here are some thoughts that crossed my mind as I finally caught up with the most-talked-about film […]

All izz well is no doubt funky and does a 2.0 version of Anu Malik’s pet sound (dhumpachikitha anyone?), but this one-hook-trick can only go so far. Zoobi doobi with its faux-retro-filmy sound is almost pedestrian with extraordinarily predictable sounds, while Shaan’s evocatively penned Behti hawa is perhaps the best this soundtrack has to offer. […]

Friday January 2, 2009 13:13

Movie review: Ghajini (A R Murugadoss)

While being utterly faithful to its Tamil original, barring the considerably spruced up climax, the Hindi version of Ghajini brings forth some of the most oft-repeated flavors of South Indian films – gut-wrenching violence, blistering narrative pace that camouflages the 3 hour duration and, most notably, the rapid, bordering-on-psychedelic editing style, courtesy Antony. Aamir re-enacts […]

Javed may not be the best choice for Guzarish, an essentially Abhijeet’ish number with a gorgeous tune and the usual Rahman-styled flow, while Kaise mujhe’s mellifluous pathos gets slightly muted due to Benny’s dispassionate vocals. Behka is path-breaking – contrarian first antara, soaring bridges and incredible singing by Karthik. Latoo is instantly appealing with an […]

Saturday November 22, 2008 21:35

Music review: Ghajini (Hindi – A R Rahman)

Guzarish is silky smooth no doubt, what with Javed’s adept vocals…but the tune lacks the finesse associated with a Rahman track, particularly in the antara-mukhda bridges, while Aye bachu and Latoo are astonishingly pedestrian, straight out of Lakeer’s original tracks inventory. Kaise mujhe is no better, Benny belting out the pathos drowsily and Shreya saving […]

Tuesday July 15, 2008 22:12

Jaane Tu…Ya Jaane Na (Abbas Tyrewala)

Jaane Tu…is a celebration of cameos. Besides the leads, who are extremely competent, there are so many interesting cameos that can be branched out into separate plots/ movies themselves. Take for instance the cowboy duo – Arbaaz and Sohail Khan. This one’s a master stroke from Abbas. The fact that these 2 otherwise leading (ok, […]

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