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Monday September 15, 2014 16:09

I (Music review), Tamil – A R Rahman

Mersalaayitten seems tailor-made for Anirudh’s digitally-enhanced vocals; even sounds techno-enough like his own music, barring that very-Rahman’ish violin interlude. Ennodu nee‘s reprise works better than the original’s soul gospel choir where Sid Sriram laboriously force-fits Tamil; worked in Adiye, not here. Aila‘s experimentation works, though – an accessible melange that mixes techno-pop, classical opera and […]

Vaanga makka serves as a spirited introduction to the film’s theater troupe backdrop and is fabulously sung by Haricharan and Dr.Narayanan. Aye Mr.Minor‘s retro orchestration is as significant as its beautifully flowing Maand tune (evoking Sangamam’s Sowkiyama!), particularly the backgrounds Rahman adopts for the 4-phrase title hook after the first one. Shasha Tirupati (despite ‘Iravulakalai’, […]

Ghatam and strings… and then a single violin peeks in to give the ghatam some South Indian company in Hassan Learns French Cooking. It all ends in a mellow flute note, distinctly Indira-style and the tune playing something akin to ‘kodutha sandhangalil… en manadhai… nee ariya’ from MS Viswanathan’s ‘Sippi Irukkuthu’ song from Varumayin Niram […]

Khalifa‘s steady, thrumming techno sound is instantly likeable, as is the simple, hook’y tune. Rahman’s singing, despite the digital additions, is apt for the overall feel, while the disparate rap-style interludes take time to get used to, but do add to the overall song’s charm. In fact, even the opening vocals of Mawali qawwali take […]

Wednesday May 14, 2014 08:29

Million Dollar Arm (Music review), A R Rahman

Rang De Basanti’s left-over Makhna and let-us-obviously-fuse-Punjabi-and-rap Million Dollar Dream are intermittently engaging, thanks to the vocalists – Sukhwinder and Iggy Azalea, respectively. KT Tunstall and Rahman’s We Could Be Kings is however coherent and rhythmic, with fantastic vocals by both. Ditto with Taa taa tai – frenetic sitar complementing Rahman’s energetic call-out. Keep The […]

Engae pogudho’s soaring Hollywood-style composition is disjoint and at best background’ish. Its other version, Rana’s Dream, by London Sessions Orchestra showcases the tune’s rich tapestry better. Medhuvaagathaan is a throwback to the older ‘En veettu thottathil’ Rahman, with sweet chorus lines and fantastic vocals by SPB and Sadhana Sargam. Maattram ondrudhaan is a triumph of […]

Saturday January 25, 2014 21:54

Highway (Music review), Hindi – A R Rahman

Nooran Sisters’ earthy vocals power Patakha guddi really well, backed by Rahman’s alluring, contrasting backgrounds. Rahman mauls his version with new-fangled renditon, however. But he does well in Maahi ve, a lovely tune let down only by its middling orchestration. Sooha saha, Tu kuja and Heera hold wonderfully pleasant tunes and Rahman’s choice of women […]

Almost no song in Raanjhanaa seems to follow familiar conventions, but they all flow so well and cohesively! The title song is heady, with lively violins and spritely sitar playing along with Shiraz Uppal and Jaswinder Singh’s enthusiastic vocals; Rahman gives his singers delightful rapid-fire lines. Shreya Ghoshal’s mastery over her voice gets a new […]

Rahman channelizes his sweeping patriotic template to a motivational song in Nenjae ezhu – adequately impactful. Innum konjam is absolutely hypnotic – splendid vocals by Vijay and Shweta! Naetru aval gets its sound right, but the rambling tune doesn’t help, while Enga pona is Shakthisree and Keba’s show all the way! Sonapareeya, despite the foot-tapping […]

How would you react if a man wearing a black robe with hood and just a hole in the place of face (with light streaming through the hole!) came to you and gave you a curious looking box? I’d personally freak out and swat that creature with anything that is handy. But kids in Rahman’s […]

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